☺ AFV Part 206 (BRAND NEW!) America’s Funniest Home Videos (Funny Clips Fail Montage Compilation)

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William Hanners says:

Yeah :)

Erandy Cardona says:

I love to watch americas funniest videos

michael vang says:

4:01 That was so cute the baby try 2 learn 2 do CPR. (:

Kenmore7100 says:

General running over pumpkins! Ha!!!

gzuzumaki2 says:

@beni2rr its a real audience u can go to da website 4 tix

T-Dark Wolf says:

Did i win? lmao.

poiiihy says:

Please do more pet videos; most videos with people aren’t funny at all.

glowworm2 says:

I loved the CPR baby! She’d make a fantastic life guard.

Lunachii★desu (´・ω・)ノ says:

“did i win?” ..yes, you win =))

mybrianthelion says:

7 13

...fail... says:

11:39 and 11:42, best parts lol

Youtubular37 says:


Tywaun Moore says:


XCoult says:


CosmicGrooves says:

11:39 is great! Best one.

krissy24241 says:

lol because the audience part of these episode have been edited out.

JuggaloHomies25 says:

5:00 good job???? *bxt€hslap*

Ryan Sheriff says:

Yep,I used to watch it on tv but Cable went out…Love this show

TheDiamondMiners says:

I am a surfer

Youtubular37 says:


vandetta y says:

why would someone put a T.V. remote in a christmas gift?

WPM Vinictus says:

Kid gets angry for being hit on his sweet spot. Second kid gets sad for
being punched on his arm. Well.. it’s all legit!

Josiah Volkmann says:

You don’t pay attention to the video do you?

ConEno16 says:

really love that life-saving baby :3 <3

danielquadri17 says:

The mystery of pumpkin murder

joseph robloxian says:

this….. is… AFV!!!!!!!!!!

beni2rr says:


viddude098 says:

thank you

...fail... says:

its real! my best friend was actually there! no kid!

Miranda Livingston says:

The cat ones are my favorites XD

LittleMissMatches LittleMatchesMyLittleMatches says:

aww that babby is sssoooo cute

Tywaun Moore says:


Champ Basilisk says:

8:00 i see AV hahaha!!

Mike Ellis says:

thanks! haha im in the werewolf costume at 8:45.. search “a visitor at
work” for the full video!

FluffyPlaysGames says:

lol it isn’t fake, they have an audience in the show

Linus Yusuf says:


peppalito says:

Happy noo year doodz

Yunior Gamboa says:

1:15 – that’s gotta hurt!. 2:55 – kinda hot 3:53 – Hahahhaa 4:33 – RESPECT
5:15 – priceless 8:45 EPIC PS- R.I.P pumpkins

Kim loves music says:


HKVanquishyena says:

LOL at 1:14!!! XD Now that looks bouncy and weird at 6:23!

ILikeTurtles says:

The girl who can’t drive stick! Lmfao

karlis kringelis says:


highcheeseman667 says:

The whole thing was good.

RocksOnepiece says:

Today is a Bad day For me .. 🙁 But After watching this. it cheers me up

Palm Top Titan says:

loool 5:01 that was a good flip xd

mondayo says:

sleeping dude has my binder

wullaby jones says:

your stupid

Jill Stonesifer says:

Thanks!! You uploaded this on my birthday :o)

Yunior Gamboa says:

Thansk for sharing. AFV forever baby!

Kim loves music says:


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