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olivia yang says:

the dog with the paper bag is sooo cute XD

Evening Star says:

@feeloader First comment big deal…

Sydney King says:

Omg lol

Michael Masi says:

No 61! That’s eight!

Epickiwi Werio says:

They do it cuz You Only Live Once

maethorspartan117@gmail.com says:

I thought the drum dog was epic lol

Krishnakant Dubey says:

Old people falling is not funny 🙂

Abby Rimner says:

1.05! plz dot bit me! hey your a cute alittle guy. Lolzzz!!!!! then he runs
inside the house! xD

Karlo Majdak says:


saphire861 says:

Me too

Kostas Tzanos says:

07:30 i guess he… “puts glasses on” fell in love “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

Abang Hamizan says:

Very fun… 😀 hahaha

Tanith of the Fae says:

Firelight – Star Of The Show

BersealiaDreamheart says:

Dog drum solo! Awesome!

nevaliashka5 says:


vishakx3 says:

2:52 hit & run 🙂

llamalover02 says:

OMG that bike and the fishtank! Lol big mess xD

AbsolutelyCharged says:

7:16 That’s what I call a headbutt.

munnonockspirit says:

Random red wagon on the field: 1 Both football teams: 0. And Tom, that’s
not a drum “solo” persay, but it’s definitely interesting. lol

Bbb Ddd says:

FYI – 7:34 with the purple bus isn’t in America, it’s in Israel.

marjunald3z says:

fun 😀

Luke Schultink says:

love the first clip. as an aussie, I must say, that i am very disappointed
in the supporters of my favourite afl team. CARN THE EAGLES!!!

WhereDidJonGo says:

6:25 I canoe can you canoe.

Golden Bell says:

1:06 LAWL

Suresh ippili says:


Chantel Hardaway says:

oooohhhh do not fuck with a Alligator or Crocodile Snapping Turtle… they
will snap yo fingers off…

XxXAngel816XxX says:

@feeloader No, I’m first

feeloader says:

Nice, I am really loving this. And….FIRST COMMENT!

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