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Sensei Ji says:

6:30 – plz tell me they didnt rehearse that

Parker Palmer says:

No worries about this topic is not an option for you!

Komentator7090 says:

2:52 Spider-Cat

xzellos says:

geese are EEEEEEEEVIL!!

That Gamer says:

That could not have been more perfect timing.

munnonockspirit says:

lol Spontaneous dust devils always make for some fun. One got me on the
road two months back. Everyone just pulled over and watched it shake us
around a bit. lol And PETA is going to be all over this for the lightning
bug that got eaten…O.o

Novaspes82 says:

WTF happened to that turkey?? I thought theywere

Juan Guaina says:

JAJAJAJAJAJAJA The dog did a good fishing, amazing

TheHaoshoku says:

it is cruel for the plastic horses !!

saphire861 says:

yes yes it is

Lugnet97 says:

7:15 i am not fat, but that is exactly what happened to me in a water slide
some years ago

stormrage2000 says:

I love it when they just laugh instead of worrying about the damage caused.

lkjkorn19 says:

7:35 “He’s doing an impression of his arteries” Haha, genius!

Sonavra says:

8:35 how does that happen?!

Omar Yanouri says:

future generations really want to see that?

YouthfulLegend says:

Not a good idea to have a propain tank at 6:19

Chantel Hardaway says:

the sand tornado is called a Dust Devil… learned this in Earth/Space

poiiihy says:

iPad airport so slow.

notkennard says:

2:52 ; spider cat :3

hal9khal says:

6:28 !!

Grayling Bowman says:

The video said it was 10 minutes in the menu but when I started watching it
the clock said it was 9:59. All of his other videos are off by a second
too. ? :/

Yunior Gamboa says:

Great videos, the’ll were fantastic.

NexusDK 996 says:

0:07 HAHAHA baby’s face says “¡MOM Don’t do that!” xD

Lulu Belle says:

love this + cryptic blocked me off his channels so im watching this instead
and its like 100000000000000000000000 times better

maty segovia says:

hay!!casi casi..

William Ray says:

All the birds attacking was scary as hell!!!

KerianH says:

6:12 Yeesssss, the dark gods are pleased with your offering of chicken.

hal9khal says:

clips with animals are my most favorite 🙂

sim3338 says:

ducks vs humans 3:42

Lightningbolt says:

1 dislike by CrypticAFV

thomas oliszewski says:


Morten Clausholm Knudsen says:

First! – I just had too!

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