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talonindustriesgr says:

I almost ended up in hospital because of these videos they are soooo funny
that my nose started bleeding but hell shit I will still watch them!

Andrew Fileger says:

honey call the exterminator we’ve got toilet frogs again! Wow, talk about
Mister toads wild ride. xD

TheDukeskiller142 says:

LOL! “Beware of the Cake Ninjas.” XD

munnonockspirit says:

@munnonockspirit *very difficult and dangerous. It’s 12:30 in the morning…

nevaliashka5 says:

xd.Nosotros das cuenta? pronto -? :))

nevaliashka5 says:

02:35-cuando termine -?)))lol jajajajaaj

Harvey Dent says:

Best Part 7:19 XD

DyingMyDarling says:

When I graduated my heel broke off before I got on stage

evangelina gonzalez says:

and the ferrits win hazaah

krissidodo says:

afv beginning to be boring to much like scenes

Grayling Bowman says:

Yay! I’m the 8th comment! 😀

Andre Silva asdr says:


Emily Swan says:

press the left and up arrow on your keyboard when any video starts , at
00.00 (it has to be paused at 00.00) and you can play snake!

Ief Clauwaert says:


munnonockspirit says:

LOL OMG I thought the rope swing was a noose at first and I was like “What
the hell are they doing!?!?!” lol Another life lesson from AFV: frying
turkeys is apparently avery difficult and dangerous…. And that
weightlifting fly…Wut?

MalBabyPink says:

damn u AFV! i have essays to write!!

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