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munnonockspirit says:

Life Lesson Learned from AFV #7 Guys who are not gymnasts should NEVER walk
on narrow things like bars or fences. Turtles and Texas. Two things you
shouldn’t mess with. Especially not Turtles IN Texas. lol The cats and the
barking bird were hilarious but OMG What was with the kid and the deer?
Don’t his parents know how deadly dangerous those things are?!?!?? That had
better been a petting zoo with fully domesticated deer and not some random
preserve… 6:10 I spy Harry Potter books…

Clara K. says:

Love it!!! Great video.

Stormy Eyes says:

he might have close to ten?

Lucas Kaiser says:

Don’t insult the man…

SJ Vinton says:

I’d say 5

Migs Contreras says:

8:06 is my favorite 🙂

wiggawiggum says:

5:38 I love this trick

PreaperCFC says:

2:32 – Justin Bieber xD

voldemortisthebest says:


Laisha Marquez says:

i counted at least 10

tinysteez says:

Lol 69 😉

Patty Devlin says:

i got that card for my sister and her cats went NUTS!

ipawnall1 says:


Cerbthehellhound says:

1:04 Thats the safest way to drive for sure!

vishakx3 says:

5:38 seen in movies but this is live action 🙂

Eddy1994PL says:

5:03 what is that

Alejandro Contreras says:

OMG she’s talking w/ Taylor Swift *O* <3 what a cute :'3

DeadlyxRemedy says:

2:45 now i know where my cat went

SuienSays says:

i have a goffins cockatoo it screams bloody mary and scares the shit outa
me… well it is my bird…but my parents bought it and 6 other birds

kerfufle22 says:

69 hehehehe

nicholas montero says:

Played 5:35 over and over again watching everyones reactions. Hysterical!

demolsher03 says:

that is allot of cats!!!!

simone martens says:

Ik vind het heel grappig

isaac garcia says:

6:14 lol

xXKuromimiChanxX says:

2:49 Thats a LOT of cats… XD

Lugnet97 says:

2:46 this shall i test at home, if i find that kind of card

Steez Reverse says:

why is there no top comment about the barking parrot? -.-

Kimberly Carroll says:

Awww! 6:30 made me cry! Precious baby and precious moment! <3

Grayling Bowman says:

-.- Really Kurfufle22? You’re such a creep.

daneicia williams says:

home from work.. nice to come home to a nice dinner and laughter…. 🙂

watercat1302 says:

02:48 How many cat does that guy have???

SJ Vinton says:

I’d say 5

Felyanto Lee says:

4:57 what is that? pardog? lol

tflspitfire says:

1:20 -a hairy toad…

Kayla says:

lots of cat that person must be alone living with cats

MrBratkenSolov says:

Ugh… letterbox. Dude, crop your vids 😉

Hapadudla Bumbala says:

maybe he likes pussy’s 🙂

TheHaoshoku says:

8:55 I hope it hurts to him

MrCatbuttgum says:

Who else wants a pussy magnet which doesn’t cost like a Ferrari?

Banana says:

hehehe, 69

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