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chachalidis says:

turkeys lay eggs

llamalover02 says:

“Shed happens” win…simply win xD

Dean444ful says:

haha nice U2BE!!

munnonockspirit says:

Cat in the pool…wut???? And happy Thanksgiving back! lol

Willy Tsung says:

Unlucky #7.

MeetABigDreamer says:

Turkeys are not friendly at all. I am not kidding. -_-

سارة صبور says:

really funny

anil war says:

this’s like part 12

lilmikey87892mm says:

hella funny

Grayling Bowman says:

What do you mean WillyTung? Get three 7’s at a slot machine and you’re very
lucky. Also you were the 6th comment, not 7th.

justin jus says:

2nd comment paused it @40 sec just to type to be 2nd i love your videos lol

Jani Matthew says:

first to comment! yay! love the vid btw

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