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HolsetyLevin17 says:

ugh! that montage at the end was nasty as hell! thank god that i have a
strong stomach. :P

HolsetyLevin17 says:

oh my god if that bee were to be hovering right by my ear i’ll freak the
fuck out since i had a bee went inside my white t-shirt just two days
before the fall semester of college started two years ago (im currently a
junior in college) and i smacked my shirt unaware that the bee was inside
and i felt a sharp pinch on my right breast before it went out of my shirt
in front of me. that’s the point i was so traumatized that i started crying
my tears out. O_O

whizzerpit says:

Lol that kid is hard-headed…literally.

Zachary Bowman says:

The other day I was going to the lake a bee got In my shirt and stung me if
u saw me take my shirt off it would be the fastest you have ever see some
one move

Akash Kumar Singh says:


E McDonald says:

4:06 Bill Gates!

Kevin Parker says:

4:25 kids these days 

Ben Ether says:

a bird wont kill u omg!

XxMaritxX says:

The end l just can’t
l love the others but the end.. l was eating :(

tristen trevino says:

My comments: 1:52 Terrorist dog LOL
2:42 Underdog?
4:14 Dat slap….
4:30 Oh S… Just got real…
4:44 Ouch… >.< 4:55 LOL 5:15 Ha! Gay... 5:55 ROFL 7:16 LOL My dad does that sometimes too... 8:25 Pfft Idiot I Could even see that coming... 9:37 Wtf? how did that work... o.o 9:39 Its a... Bird? 10:37 Haha hes drunk... 😛 14:12 LOL Id do the same thing, But im not that dumb, id watch my step... :D

Rachel Mathew says:

Not to good

amine nia says:

vrmnt les américains sont stupids !!

Kai King says:

Video at 5:40 he was pretending

SuperDuper332 says:

My two favourite moments from this video has to be the floating dog and the
grandmother getting baby puke on her. I laughed at those parts.

lollalita roza says:

2.15 c 1 chien ou koi o.O

mixxed curves says:

Draaaakeeee thoooooo lol

Rachel Brown says:

I havent watched this show in forever!

trancelistic says:

Karate kid getting pwnd multiple times was my favorite:)

TheStrangeSarah says:

poor hamster XD

jesmancas says:

I’m gonna puke lol

kenana aydin says:

21:40 haha BABY!!

Chantel Hardaway says:

i kinda did…

Nudsi says:

I just stooped to the mothers level… Hamsters aren`t toys, don`t forget
that. I`m not an extremist, but animals deserve our respect and an
appropriate treatment.

Eric Da Silva says:


Helene Maria Hansen says:

8:05, “use the bat”, what an idiot-mom she is….!

Jimmy Capet says:

Hi everybody, someone knoes the name of the music at 8:30 ? =)

Darkness Light says:

I see you Slendy 06:37

Elijah Thomas says:

this is sooooo nice afv keep more videos makes me very happy

brose180158 says:

Why the hell did you have to put the ending in there

IwshIcldstrtover says:

Yes it’s amazing at how stupid some mothers–and people in general–can
be, when it comes to animals, and that clip is solid evidence of it.

GretneRebirth says:

“Ballerinas can fart too you know” LMAO!!!

Caleb ball says:

Wait the helmet!! Haha lol

Proudly West-Indian says:

LOOOL salop!!!

hellsboy90 says:

11:56 Young Shaolin Master :D.

chaotic .monkey says:

Just be glad it wasn’t hot boiling coffee.

TheMystpha says:

how stupid to scare little boys.Then you expect that your son is not scare
of anything and has some stable psychology,ccc.hopeless people

Garfield Holly says:

1.37 Reborn

cat thornberg says:

babies are vile creatures

saphire861 says:

he fainted

Nudsi says:

That`s what you do to you…

jessebassmaster says:

All the action was in the end

saphire861 says:


Daniel Johnston says:

The kids with the big brother teaching the younger one kung fu or something
were so cute. Realy shows how disciplined they were.

Borden Sunderland says:

The funniest part is when the dog takes the fireworks

Ivan Garcia says:

Ivan Garcia watched this video

supersonicarose says:

XD i love afv

Kashyap Karan says:

4:50 And now I’d do it to you.. lmfao..

NIRAV2954 says:

know what his job is at the party?, he’s the bouncer:)))))) 01:10

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