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Sensei Ji says:

14:42 – dad doesnt believe in spanking, he does atomic teabag instead

Ryann Navin says:

Name that sound on the one you can barely hear.

JuanMa R. says:

00:08 RUN BITCH RUN!! xD

richard mitchell says:

No you are a thumbs up whore…You whore.

Michael I. Haber says:

Wasn’t there one with a band concert and these kids playing instruments
randomly raise their instruments up in unison?

Nick Akiera says:

why so serious!! 16:42 horse i’m your father !

richard mitchell says:


alshahn says:

9:30 IMPOSSIBLE THROW!!!!!!! 😀

Michael Masi says:

No 75! That’s 8 now!

jomalisxoxomarie says:

I’m pretty sure your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone on here

TaranWanderer2 says:

“Miley Cyrus!! AARGH!! Run for your lives!!”

Abby Rimner says:

15.14 washing in a lake is that it??? I think Men like to use alot of soap!
Lol Thats a lot!!!!! holy crap

MuslamicRayGunGuy says:

i watched it. Then came up with my verdict.

Enes YALÇIN says:

6.46 what’s name of song ?

Hamboning will save your life some day. HAMMMBONNNINGGGGG says:

1:25… your a dick

Daniel K says:

Ya whatever dude. say what you want. don’t care

Svavar Kari Gretarsson says:

Geggjað Video

Gnr〈fan says:

hahaha love toms comment ! XD thats what makes the clips even funnier

MuslamicRayGunGuy says:

it doesn’t, but it sure did get your attention

John Meister Dupa says:

question, whats the foamy thing on 15:24 ?

HKVanquishyena says:

LOL at 7:57 and 8:28!!! XD

TheRoark123 says:

I hope you had a horrible birthday.

SugerCupcake101 says:

4:13 .. When the dad fell on the girl . I died.

Kennya says:

im amazed at how stupid some people can be!! lol

Matt Emelianenko says:


Montana Music says:

3RD COMMENT YEAH!!!!! :] idk why im excited. maybe because im bored. x]

Daikenki says:

@supermantoni123ify Miley Cyrus

Ricarnator says:

18:23 As we say when we are in pain by that or something similar, or a girl
is impressed by a guy with a rope, “Que latigazo!!!” XD

Stewie Washere says:


TheHaoshoku says:

OMG i love pain of others!!

megapikachurock chuu says:

good and broken miley cyrus its in the description lol

KillerDragon12100 says:

18:21 must have really hurt!

Finalshot92 says:

that baby bed must be made in China..

Gamerunners ElitistMan says:

9:05 lolol

tomfq says:

1:30 u stupid fat kid cats are cute not for torture

Fernando Berrios says:

HOLYCRAP a n alligator

Lugnet97 says:

5:47 O_O wow… that’s even worse than our dog

tlalotoani says:


Abby Rimner says:

15.14 I thought that was snow!!!! LOl thats soap!!! Wow!!!! Lolz 🙂

aqeel10001 says:

11:09 sad face on an ass lol 😀

ewasseur says:

11:18 look at his hand hanging from being broken ass hell

SkiMinecraft says:

15:12 Is that Sodium clorhidrate?

Richard Yi says:

i honestly never knew that guinea pigs could swim.

Daniel K says:

thumbs up if you thought the last sound was a dog howling!

Tyler Boydon says:

like mscoolcat987 said its not funny when someone gets seriousley hurt, its
fucking hilairious! great vids keep em coming.

Toby Sierra says:


Micho Tito says:

luv it

Ike Aiku Cizuru DB Master says:

5:53 the dog is soo damn cute….

Timothy di zazzo says:

dayum that kid is going to be a great QB

SuperSuziii says:

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