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Richard Campbell says:

@ rachel ivan it was stuck in her braces

Mike IraklioCity says:

use your minds !!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

3:40 that guy looked like JB.. no wonder he fell

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

0:30 .. the skateboard certainly has a gr8 sense of humour 😛 😀

rachel ivan says:

the sock was stuck in her mouth???? how is that possible??

LovUJustinBiebermuch says:

8:36 Aaw 😮

MiguLove says:

8:24 aaaww AJAAJAJA XD

Invissibl says:

2:39 Go grandpa!!

XTwittyX says:

I laughed at 2 dogs pulling the same toy lol 😀

groggy231 says:

I’m sorry about that. My brother was on my account all day last week and he
said he didn’t post anything. My apologies.

groggy231 says:


Abby Rimner says:

8.25! I always wanted to do this!!!!!! 🙂

Krystalmsoto says:

The guy that did the backflip is very lucky that he didn’t break his

maethorspartan117@gmail.com says:

@animalcrossingdude01 1:05 probably broke his neck and compressed his back.
That’s a big hospital bill

Nathaniel Qin says:

will there be a part 77?

chriLLe W says:


BestAFVonU2BE says:

@animalcrossingdude01 when the bottom of your feet touch the back of your
head that’s a bad deal… ouch!

Андрей Охильков says:


Dean444ful says:

haha laughed all the way like always!

Mariela Pozo says:

She has braces

Bacon Shah says:

Ouch! the man try to plant himself. Hahaha

animalcrossingdude01 says:

1:08 Man, that must have hurt!

tain3221 says:

1:09… the robot voice is wicked!!!!

Luke Schultink says:

what song is that from 3:00 onwards?

Clara K. says:

Hahahahahahahaaaahahahaha! Love this video! I laughed all the way through.
Thanks, I needed a good laugh (or several) right now!. So much better than
Cryptic’s videos, in my opinion. Keep ’em coming!

Vince Allen Meneses says:

@6:20 that sock suck its stuck.lmao.

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

2:55 ouch ! the bull was certainly a pain in the ass -_-

chriLLe W says:

0:57 SwedishXD

groggy231 says:

Thanks 🙂

Tasbih Babar says:

3:01 You tap on a piece of wood with a hammer, the whole thing collapses on

Artak Malkhasyan says:

1:14 is not funny …

Abby Rimner says:

8.24 Adroable!!!!! but sad how he hits his head~ awwww.

groggy231 says:

Yes, he did, but if he would have bought better brake pads, it wouldn’t
have hurt so bad. Remember people, don’t brake, just drive! Oh wait, you
meant break? Sorry about that. I’m starting a reading club, if you want to
join, our first book is the dictionary. 🙂

Abby Rimner says:

OMG that seariouly happen to her?? with a sock on her tooth? Wow!!!! ??

123459181 says:

4:49 Rob Dyrdek at his young ages.

Scout26405 says:

The guy at 3:51 ripped the back of his jeans XD

XTwittyX says:

ehh no? my wife and kids?

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

1:08 i wonder how no one called 911 immediately 😛

maliknaghman says:

really funny

groggy231 says:


G Chamberlain says:

should i quit gymnastics? 1:08 kind creeps me out

Abby Rimner says:

1.07 did he brake his neck!!!!!!!!! OMG!

Juan Guaina says:

te imaginas pescar de esa manera, como el de las 2 chiks, jajajajajajajaja

Speedstar235 says:

I’ve seen lots of people with the back of their heads being touched with
their feet……… on Wipeout. :DDD

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