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Alex Landherr says:

Funny comments by Tom

mackattack309 says:

11:34 I have that same exact mask

Funny Man says:

@xOnYourScreen no one cares

Heléne HarIngenMedAttGöra says:

3:53 Haha cute!

Thorn Wolfy says:

I’m amazed by the number of people who believe the “pregnant turkey” prank.

Laisha Marquez says:

you’re gross!!

Lucas Kaiser says:

Then don’t reply; it’s pretty simple. 😀

Danielle Condon says:

12:38 i have to try to get someone to do this!!!!

pencilanderaser992 says:

at 6:01 lokks like cat making out with him…

Lucas Kaiser says:

If you bother to comment then it seems like you care.

xOnYourScreen says:

Lol this video was uploaded on my birthday xD

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

9:59 that little baby has amazing aim … he will be in the NBA for sure 😀

vishakx3 says:

:: :: Fun Of Fun :: ::

Jc Olivero says:

00:59 The is a lie

buzzler745555 says:

7:14 OMG. i couldnt stop laughing! hahahahaha!

tflspitfire says:

7:50 my new ringtone

BobBillVN says:

Co tui ne

super01123581321 says:


Felyanto Lee says:

06:15 that is really2 OUCH..!!!

BobBillVN says:

Có tui nè

shizwaz Fly says:

it cake from portal 00:59

Akshi Chaturvedi says:

6:00 …that is one awesome cat 😉

SuperKK000 says:

8:54 thats biologicaly imposible because birds lay eggs dont give birth ti
live breathing babyies

Jeevesh Somir says:

@xOnYourScreen happy birthday its late but hehehehee

G Chamberlain says:

0:36 Who ever clogged that toilet should’ve got some help cause that kid
was pretty scared of what that person did

Pheonix19581 says:

9:59 pwnt.

Invissibl says:

The Moment of EWWWWWW! 09:50 EWWWWWWW!

Funny Man says:

actually i don’t.

SJ Vinton says:

Somersault assault, that sounds like an anime attack.

Imprexer says:

Finally part 77! Woohoo!

mario4mushies2 says:

YESSS! Part 77 is 14 mins long!!!

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