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steffan frederiksen says:

Se denne video på YouTube:..mioqq

I bad Grammar says:

true gaming kid 8:52

Hamboning will save your life some day. HAMMMBONNNINGGGGG says:

9:40 was hilarious

Lugnet97 says:

8:17 at first i took that white thing as “look left”

llamalover02 says:

Nincompoop Corner FTW

IceWulfSpirit says:

Drum roll plz mr kitty

Nahany289 says:

This yust made my day!!!! ;D


first to see !!!

supernerd12312 says:

like this if ur the 7th person to see this

Joel Palacios says:

this is so funny

marjunald3z says:

3:52 I never loved garfield this much :”>

tlalotoani says:

I only have to say: I just can´t get enough ^^

housebird29 says:

excellent way to start weekend… thanks a lot !!!

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