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Michael Masi says:

I feel SO SORRY for the couple that’re about to become parents at 14:01.

Nick S says:

13:02 Wii follies

voldemortisthebest says:

15:45 hahahahahahahahah

Catalin P says:

thebest fan america

tlalotoani says:

12:47, that was cruel, poor ant was working hard : (

Justin Tham says:

now i know why my parents wont buy WII for me ^_^

allpink11 says:

15:00 is soooooooo funnnnyyyyy!!!!!

Zenthex says:

that’s a great way to start my day and all, but OH CRAP IM LATE!

llamalover02 says:

Why do people think riding their bike off a table is a good idea???

maethorspartan117@gmail.com says:

@mrtrainboy019 He still has his back up channel

Rachel Buffington says:

12:00 lol

Gunther Armstrong says:


vishakx3 says:

03:38 & 03:50 it makes me laughing & laughing when tht is done by kids

super01123581321 says:

Great video

JuStScHoOlEdYoU says:

12:40 *insprinational ant* :ooo

Faraz Siddiqui says:

Keep your eye on the ball…

Jill Stonesifer says:

I freaked out at the spider part

davinder grewal says:

5.13 poor dog

Hamboning will save your life some day. HAMMMBONNNINGGGGG says:

5:11 poor dog…

TheTsubasaYuki says:

Every week I check your channel XD

MrBratkenSolov says:

Wii part was awesome 😀

HKVanquishyena says:

Ouch at 0:11!!! Lol at 6:41 and 6:53!!! 11:29, now that’s a surprise!
12:56, what a squash! 15:08, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” XD

sLiuxb0mbi says:

i’ve something to tell you. hm? i don’t wear any underwear. they hear this
on their mic.

munnonockspirit says:

That song about “why don’t you love me like my dog does” = “I won’t you be
my bitch.” Just sayin.’ ;D

Marcelle Bouchard says:

4:10 business manager yelling at a late worker on the phone! LOL

Steven Wesie says:

11:30 *shudders*

oiuiyutr says:

14:02 that’s bad luck… lol poor woman

TheNaunu says:

15:09 what did she say ?

SorrowfulLesson says:

Yay Nikki and John! <3

ernestito2222 says:

The fascination, the innocence and the incomparable joy of having a firefly
on the nose of the girl at 11:35 it’s just priceless.

elcubanito422 says:

This must be why people say “ginger’s” have no soul 😛

takis pattadorou says:

07:02 08:01 i love that age, they do exactly what you asked them

Shammies Armstrong says:


Magiciano92 says:

3:10 two face!

DeathScythe1990 says:

6:46 Nikki & John!!

Zenthex says:

unless you type like a grandma typing out one sentence takes about 5

Douglas W. Bush, M.A. says:

The boys at 3:20 and 4:01 are funny!!!

Funny Man says:

she’s not wearing any underwear 🙂

puggykisses says:

Haha…I needed a few good laughs tonight! : )

stormrage2000 says:

Dogs tap dancing, cats snoring, dafuq is with that dumbass brat?

Yunior Gamboa says:

LOve it!

Lovey nelson says:

13:00 LMAO Too Funny WII controller wins again!!! HaHa Ha

TheNaunu says:

😀 thanks… i hear it now guided

Chantel Hardaway says:


Funny Man says:

very funny….

SavannahG14 says:

4:10 that kid has troubled parents XDD

Felyanto Lee says:

i love kids at 7:01 – 8:01 soooooo funnyyyyyyyyyy

ThunderboltPS says:

6:50 Niki and John 😀

jokubasa says:

and still find time to write this comment.

Domceck says:

One of the best compilations I’ve ever seen! Funny dogs, funny kids, Wii
fails, everything included 🙂

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