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Nick S says:

4:29 Glass-breaking mayhem!

Jean Brits says:

good for that bull

llamalover02 says:

HAHAHAHA I love the glass break montage! WHY do people play golf in the

Ike Aiku Cizuru DB Master says:

how abt this: i almost puked when they show the pukeing babies……

N1HooDBeatz says:

3:10 !!!

An0NiM77 says:

0:02 paparazzi XD =))

animalaayan says:

those babys remind me of someone very very close to me

hcirpuh says:

@fordrcks1212 I feel sorry for u… 😀

611Anime says:

Even a lion tried to brake glass at 6:04.

hcirpuh says:

omfg I was eating something and then comes the pukeing babies… -.-

Catherine101722 says:

Wow that baby spit up comes out in streams

George Sobczyk says:

there were 25 broken glasses

pacovl46 says:

awesome how the expression on the lion’s face changed from being pissed to
now u gonna get it!!!

Ball Sack says:

just skip it dude

K Evens says:

oh well

Jordan Aikorns says:


Ball Sack says:

that’s just fucked up.

MagicMshroom says:

OH MY GOD! 2:26! I have the same name! But I spell it Annissa!

K Evens says:

theres another reason i hate babies!

611Anime says:

This episode was on WGN yesterday.

kowalski1910 says:

What music 7:04?

ZeidGho says:

2:40 Trump Jr. LOL

oiuiyutr says:

5:04 LOL ^o^

MrLegodude159 says:

your not alone : but with me it depends on what it is

Rea Sanka says:

pool best bed for u

Ball Sack says:

so you will hate your child?

Hanah Carder says:

Cats at the tree at 1:57 LOL

uzuki54 says:

Why do people think others want to watch babies puking? It’s just

Kagehime says:

babies are the master of projectile vomiting.

Andre Silva asdr says:

blur song 2

An0NiM77 says:

0:12 phase that is old

blusoldierwoman says:

lessons about babies never shake them when they are fed and dont wear a
black outfit or dark coloured and expensive clothing

nevaliashka5 says:

1:10-así fue en niñez?-:)

uzuki54 says:

Part of life, yes. Amusing, no. Amusing enough to watch on television,
definitely not. And what makes you so sure I’m going to have kids? I’m not
a kid by the way.

An0NiM77 says:

1:54 UUUUU 😀

Lianne4evah says:

I never like the bullfighting things :/

LoserLikeSwyin says:

The babies pukes like waterfall……..

K Evens says:

i’m not having a baby…i’m adopting an older kid 🙂

ShadowThe81 says:

what’s is name music from 7:45?

Irazz Keren says:

9:00 thats was nasty dude ~__~

Andre Silva asdr says:

7:05 sooo clooose

Chantel Hardaway says:

i puked… a little… yes i have a weak stomach… at times…

Minh Nguyen says:

9:00 – 9:47 why I hate babies.

HKVanquishyena says:

I love those Glass Break Complications from 4:28-4;53.

Yunior Gamboa says:

The funniest was the dog eating that corn.

sandygrg05 says:

i just loved that dress of the dog right at the beginning!hilarious!

Megan Tindoll says:

I got so tickled by that kid pretending to ride the motorbike.

Kaindred says:

2:40 omg, the hair!

Chantel Hardaway says:

me too…

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