10 Funniest Great Dane Videos

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GingerWizzard1994 says:

the first one is literally me

Nicholas Bhandari says:

Thor’s drunk

bermudaguy1 says:

Great Danes are like teenagers when you try to get them out of bed!

DogsCircle says:

Great Dane are so gentle giants and sweethearts!
The dog drinking in the fountain is quite impressive, I bet he does it

Ford Fan97 says:

I think the last one is so cute. 

DontKillAnts says:

I love great danes so much. They are my favorite breed of dog. I had a half
great dane half black lab that once saved a baby duck from one of my other
dogs. She put it in her mouth very tenderly and carried it down to our lake
where its mother was waiting for it. She was such a good dog. 

Football Pun Competition says:

Great great dane videos.

Travis Rhett Wilson says:

1. The water fountain one is my favorite.
2. The Ice Maker is my second favorite.
3. The one embracing the soldier at the end is the most touching.

owllover292 Shygurl216 says:

in my family when dogs yawn we can it a dinosaur because when my dog yawns
it sounds like a dinosaur

Coco3327 Aj says:

Last one I think it’s so cute.

Annah Lovette says:

+RandomWeirdos246 OMG

Vicky Gingerbread says:

could never imagine an aussie doing that “no don’t wanna get outta bed”
haha. so strange to see a dog do that.

Monster Mousse says:

My Dane Mousse open doors of all kinds, yet I am unable to catch this on
film. The balled up tinfoil looking doorknobs are pretty classy!
Great Dane All Day! 

welshpete12 says:

The one were the Great Dane pushes the pedal to get a drink is the one for
me . As for the remark that Great Danes may be German, who cares ? 

terry palmore says:


Diane Golinski says:

I loved them all…but the cutest on was on the chair lol

woohunter1 says:

They r all beautiful dogs, I have a lab Dane mix that was a rescue, bigger
than lab smaller than GD. Can drink out of bathroom sink, too bad he gets
bullied by our 8 lb cat!!!

TrueBlueSear says:

I don’t wanna get off the couuuuuuch!

poppy luck says:

they r such a beautiful breed of dogs 

Derell .Luis says:

what type are the great dane’s with their ears sticking up?

Terry5135 says:

The best was the water fountain, for only a great dane could do that, lol.
Maybe an Irish Wolfhound too.

Serifos says:

Those things are monstrous….I want one so bad.

Emily Byars says:

The sad thing to me is that so many (though, not all) of these owners are
actually reinforcing really bad behaviour. I just wouldn’t let my Dane talk
to me like this, and I certainly wouldn’t encourage or allow resource
guarding like the Dane on the bed with the bones. These things can really
turn into scary behaviors as the dog ages.

thedragonsworld says:

the most hilarious thing is they are classed as lap dogs lol

Harleigh Van Sickle says:


helen elliott says:

ha ha ha ha ALL ha ha ha ha

DecepticonKisshu says:

The first one is just him (?) being scared of falling down:/ At least I
think because our dogs do that too. If you have a big dog please get
carpets or something like that so the dogs paws don’t slip. They could
really hurt themselves. We’ve got a lot of carpets around our house and
those are our dogs favourite places!:)

Rob Davidson says:

That last guy the soldier has a pretty horse !lol

Andy Czubai says:

I loved them all! I’m in the market for sure. I’d love to be an owner.
Still trying to talk my wife into it.

BBBYpsi says:

the black great dane with the squeaky toy howling was my favorite

Jacob Charles says:

My Great Dane is the funniest 

uppanadam74 says:

5:35…poor bastard!! LMAO!!

henry showell says:

The one with bath 

Traveling Sam says:

The Dane on the tub made me laugh out loud – Thanks for the great video.
My second fave was the Black puppy wanting to sleep in LOL

Leah Jane McDonald says:

The one drinking out the fountain left me in stitches lol

peggy wike says:

The Vet’s return dog!

Kelseigh Morton says:

I loved the first one and the puppy because that’s exactly how I feel
getting up in the morning :P

SilverVortex 3957 says:

Thor was 20% cooler 

Hannah Rose says:

Last one was so sweet :’)

Owen Driscoll says:

I have 2 great Danes veto and wink

Taylor Young says:

holy crap great danes are so huge and amazing. i totes need to borrow one
for a little thing i wanted to try with one

Eric Dunlap says:

the girl who whouldn’t get up. what a spoiled baby.

Kaydi-Bell Anderson says:

i like thore

Tanner Smith says:

The water fountain

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