10 Funniest Pitbull Videos

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Kiona Arace says:

Haha, to all you Pit lovers out there you will find this beyond

Mehtevas says:

The first one is not really funny, im not a dog expert but I think that if
a dog hangs from his locked jaws like that he can’t let go without help.
It’s kinda stupid but if it’s a fact the first one is pritty horrible:/

Johnny Horstman says:

Clearly pit bulls are pure evil and are incapable of love. These dogs were
not being funny- they were being satanic killing machines. 

josephine vyeda says:

the brown pitbull bitting his tail and walking away with it was the

ballsdeep07 says:

Gotta love all the “pitbull experts” out there that have never owned one,
its like me writing a book about the behavior of children and what to
expect (I have no kids).. shitty parents create shitty kids and shitty
animal owners create shitty animals…. no one wants to hear your shitty
advice or theories you get from your local news… if you broke into my
home my dogs would help you rob the place, its me you’d have to worry
about. I’ll own pits until the day I die.

Micah Boy says:

The first and the one that he’s trying to get down the stairs aren’t funny.
The first one, the only reason he’s hanging on is that if he lets go he’ll
fall down with a plop. Second, the one that is trying to come down the
stairs is not funny because he’s scared and crying for help and the person
behind the camera is LAUGHING. I mean how is that funny. This is my

youssef askri says:

4:00 is my dog !!

Razzlewolfflight says:

Was the second-to-last dog “talking” in his sleep?

Luis Lujan says:

The 1st video is more impressive than funny. lol they are probably one of
the most powerful dogs for their size, very sweet dogs and very protective
of their owners. They are dog aggressive if they are kept chained up or
kept in the back yard their whole lives. ONLY a responsible owner should
own one or any power breed, They require time and patience, they require
socialization as puppies and that socialization should continue through the
life of the dog. They require spacial care and attention but let me tell
you, it’s worth it. They help you grow into a more responsible person as
well as teach you(among other things) not to judge a book by it’s cover.
These dogs are so special and it saddens me that they are STILL being used
for fighting and that they have a bad reputation because of careless/bad
owners. it’s a damn shame.

PrettyStonePark says:

Wow, look at these very aggressive animals, they should be locked in cages
because of how dangerous they were

Blair Thorpe says:

You will love this!

leo almiron says:

hace un mes sacrificaron al pitbull de mi vecino, me dio mucha alegria

redher says:

that one of the dog swallowing water out of the hose at about 4:30? mine
does that. Then will lay down and give out the BIGGEST burp! lol

code lyoko 34 says:

I hate pit bulls after one bit me at a new year’s party for no reason. Pit
bulls are evil not funny.

Maria Liem says:

The black howling looks like my dog even though I don’t have a staffy. It
was by far the cutest to me.

Abbie Lewis says:


Farley Boy says:

Just one of them lazy Dog dangling day’s.

Denise Eggert says:

These videos amount to nothing more than imbecile owners taunting their
poor dogs mercilessly and thinking that it is funny !

faithful says:

Oh oh oh just relized that it sounds like the dog was hurt true moki moi

Bud Jones says:

That last pit was into that show!! 

Matthew Denny says:

Fuck u luis pit bulls are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world I
have killed them

Konner Mac says:

I really don’t know why people think pitbulls are dangerous they are the
most loving dog and the most loyal by far

rastabg23 says:

I can imagine how many ignorant comments are in this video from these
fucken retards who haven’t even been near a pitbull in their life but label
pits as “violent” because they’ve been spoon fed by their corporate masters
to believe in their own fucken lies. I didn’t even bother reading the
comments because I already know they’re full of sheep who exhibit typical
sheep like behavior like every other youtube video, “pitbulls are violent
uhh because the news said they were violent bro” lol @ you fucken peasants.
A Pitbull (No off brand wanna be fucken retarded looking 200 pound mutt,
but a real 50 to 80 pound pure blood true APBT) is probably the most loyal
creature ever created.

artheno says:

The worst dogs.

Ariane Luciano says:

Muito fofo!!!!!

Samara Calso says:

I have a comment for you jhonny hortsman, pitbulls are not pure evil! They
were all very funny and kind. Not like you commenting an animal you dont
much about. my pitbull is a very nice, kind, fun loving dog in the world.
He doeant bite, he doesnt growl when I get near him. Its like saying ur
ugly but I havent even met you. WTF PITBULLS ARE THE BESSTTT!! I MEAN IT
THEY’RE THE BEST. you can say theyre all stid but u cant talk cause u r,
people make dogs like pits agresaive. On the inside they weee njce but bow
theyre not.

Jeff Greengrass says:

The pittbull that was on the Three that was so funny!

socko506 says:

Now I want a dog

Moki Me says:

The first video sounded like the dog got hurt… jaw could’ve locked and
something could’ve broke while spinning it couldn’t let go… when it
screamed sounded like pain! Video cuts off… what happened to that dog?
How was that funny??? 

Kathleen Gallafraigh says:

I like them with the exception of the first. That poor dog was really
frustrated. And hanging like that is really bad for the teeth. I’ve had to
help remove many teeth from injuries from pulling too hard, so it makes me
more sensitive to things like that.

Kitty Kayla says:

OK, I’m tired of the fucking pitbull hating. They are like ANY OTHER DOG.
Any dog can turn on you. Not just pitbulls. Everyone thinks that they are
the worst animals. If pits or any other dog, are raised by the wrong owner,
they are scared of other humans if they are abused. Pitbulls are NOT evil,
NOT Satan’s spawn, NOT the worst dogs. I’ve known many pitbulls and they
are all the best dogs I’ve ever known. There is nothing different about
pitbulls. Fuck all you fucking pitbull haters.

Blaine Pattison says:

the first one had me laughing so hard, doing the fucking helicopter

Bluesar12 AJ says:

The first one isn’t funny, it’s a poor pit bull hanging from a branch. It
is a lie pit bulls have lock jaws. They simply have good bite power, they
can’t hang without someone holding them up. This is basically a human
holding onto a weak vine over quicksand to the dog. Someone give this poor
thing a new home.
@Kerleen Williamson

Rahman Madison says:

The Black one saying I love you lol no doubt!

Tone Jackson says:

I don’t think there is anything funny with the video showing the first
Pitbull, he/she is stack hanging from its teeth. The dog is even crying…

robelinajane says:

The first video is not funny the dog is hurt the one who took the video is
stupid to not see that or understand that. 

Daniela Rodriguez says:

I enjoyed the pups most an the black one saying i love u

Terra Odom says:

The one werer the baby puppies are trying to go down the stairs

John Noe says:

lol so funny what pits can do

Becky Harris says:

I believe pitbulls are really good dogs. It is the way they are raised that
reveals their personality. 

Wardapie rankin says:

i think the first one wuz funniest lol!

jernmyre says:

Haha this is like making the 10 funniest Hitler videos

Lexi Kent says:

tail chasing can be a sign of OCD

Kynnedi Berry says:

The first one

Nadine Sanders says:

I LOVED the dog that caught his own tail, and laughed out loud at the two
fur babies chasing each other around the house. The one loved the chair 🙂

Brandon Stinson says:

Best stubborn ass dogs ever. Gotta watch those heads and tails though.
Quite useless as guard dogs too. Better off with a dachshund for that

michael reyes says:

10 Funniest Pitbull Videos: http://youtu.be/IpqtJmqY4-w

Skyler A says:

I’m 12 years old and my favorite dogs are pits. Pit bulls are not bad at
all it’s the owners who make them bad. If you agree say pits rock. Thank
you for reading this.

Abriana Hughes says:

The one that was hanging off of a branch.

colby bryant says:


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