2013 Funniest Horse Video Contest Winners

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HorsetraderTV says:
Cave Lion says:

they take an animal meant to runs miles a day ,,,cage them up and think
their insane behavior is funny.

Mike Stangel says:

Johnny is not much of a rider. what the hell are you doing with your legs
son? my god, that horse didn’t even shy at anything. you’ll ruin a nice
horse like that with your shitty riding

Breeana Camit says:

What yall think is funny I see everyday in my yard and half of this isn’t
even funny horses don’t just lay down all the time it’s mostly when there
is something wrong or their tired and when they make grunting noises laying
down isn’t good eather them “smiling” they are smelling new things. It’s
not really funny

Abbie Cloudnose says:

“That’s Trotin’ son!” LOL. xD

Francesca Greye says:

The lip flapping, head shaking and noise making are some of the behaviors
horses do to relieve the mind numbing boredom of being in stalls for 22 to
23 hours a day.

china bray says:

I love bare back riding 

Ava Deb says:

they are horses and horses do things. it doesn’t mean they behave bad

Peggy Rider says:

3rd wasn’t so funny, but the others were!

2013 Funniest Horse Video Contest Winners

sarah price says:

All I saw was bored, disturbed horses – not funny

Beckie Croghan says:

If he’s not a cutting horse, he should be.

james szuch says:

the peoples choice one i know there trick they used a treat thats what i do
to my dogs its easy.

Naomi Larsen says:

us country gurls love horses check this out

Jutta Maier says:

Really? You think horses wih behavioural problems like wobblers and lipp
flappers are funny?

Skywriter says:

OMG this is so funny. xD

kate malone says:

2:22 are you laughin at me haha :D

Benjamin Boutot says:
Riley Macknight says:

Horses flapping their lips like that is a bad habit. 

Ruby Pearl says:

I love the one playing with the ball! It’s not just enjoyable for us too
watch but you can tell the horse is enjoying himself too!

TheSwagKat says:

These are funny and cute!!

Destiny Carter says:

The last horse video was so cute he defenetly has a very good trainer

olbarron1 says:

And the award for dumbest redneck goes to….

Eelco Basten says:


riley milata says:

lol cute!

georgia beaver says:

funniest videos ever 

Unnur Ingólfsdóttir says:

mér finnst þetta ekki fyndið, þeir meiða sig. svona fólk eiga lögfræðingar
að kæra

Lee McNabb says:

boring videos..none were funny

Sarah Hewitt says:

wonna give grandma a kiss? wut about truemen?

Jeffery Raines says:

And some yes these high expence riding places treat there horses like crap
our horses all get to stay together horses are herd animals they need to be
treated with respect also and the 4 horse durpachu was right the horses
tack is 2 tight and 2high

qtrhserider says:

cave lion I was thinking the same thing. Sad. Del Mar International Show
needs to rethink what funny means. Most of these are sad, and ppl laugh

Angela Mckeown says:

#2 was my fav.

Laura Swiftie! 《13 says:

Haha, all were funny.Though.. Only the lip flappers wasn’t funny., you know
that is a disease?

Polly Culberson says:

The young horse with his Jolly ball does some phenomenal soccer tricks with
his feet and mouth.

Bret Blankenship says:

One more thing i just love in the Comments how everyone is such horse
behavior horse Experts !

ryan davis says:

The horse that got 8th would we a good barrel racer or games pony/horse.

A.J Superwebkinz says:

the 6th one wasn’t that funny, but it was really cute! :3

brooklyn sweetburg says:

the lip flapping is funny XD

Charlotte Manning says:

what a funny horse

Lone Rider says:

Cute! Especially liked the two horses with the balls. Loved that chestnut
with the big ball!!! I should really get my horse a ball to play with,
would be an excellent training aid

Lily Kotoko says:

My horses do funny things all the time, I need to catch them on camera XD 

Bae Broken says:

some of them are funny but not the lip flapping and others like that

Lexus Collins says:

ilove riding abreback i always do except when doing rodeos

Olivia Ashton says:

the peoples choice was the funniest! haha, but the lip flapping is bad
habbit and it should not be encouraged

Mallory Merkley says:

at 6:52 he’s like aww i missed

Cian Brilliant says:

I hate when people say that horse that is dancing has something wrong with
it like stress or bahaviour problems my mare gets so excited when one song
comes on and starts doing something similar ever thought horses might
actually enjoy music?

Jamie Stone says:

Not surprised that the guy at 5:40 fell off. Lol.

Terry Lenore says:

#2 gets my vote! there are a ton of foals out there playing with a ball!
Almost all of them! But show me another horse that does a raspberry!!!

Bret Blankenship says:

All such happy horses!!!! they are all goobers in there own way!

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