25 of the Most popular Vines in 2 minutes – Clean / Cencored Compilation (Sound)

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25 of the Most popular Vines in 2 minutes – Clean Compilation
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One of those days where you feel like singin a jingle
Vine By: Tori Kelly
Hud a da dadadadadada da…
Vine By: Trolley Snatcha
How to go swimming like a boss
Vine By: AYZEE
Vine By: Bo Burnham
Google Glass
Vine By: yelldesign
Walmart has an inchworm problem
Vine By: Kc James
” ..


Queen Arthurine says:

I really appreciate that they cut off the beginning of the 0:52 vine. He
takes God’s name in vain, and most people don’t count that as swearing.
Thank you!

MLG Biscuit Gaming says:

00:23 – That kid is a survivor. Never mind his sister – she’s screwed –
just get away from the falling cupboard!

Aete Studio ‖ 實況主烈魯ヽ(・∀・)ノ says:

The bear…. Call Disney to grab the bear…

Ssj Gohan says:

The minion soccer one thing he threw himself then hello then he complains
red card lol

Meloetta Mc says:

I don’t get the second one….

Fred Shropshire says:

GUMMY MONEY most liked vine ever with 2.6M likes by Nicholas megallis was
made back in Jul of 2013

Henna Martinez says:

25 of the Most popular Vines in 2 minutes – Clean…:

heyheyits jenny says:

why the epic music starting at 1:23 ?

yvonne mcnair917@msn.com says:

Omg that poor kid. Hope he survived. 

Nicole K says:

The vines were great until the music turned on. . 

Grace Olejarczyk says:

Oh. My. Funniest thing. I literally almost diedddd :’D

Jesse Deleon says:

We’re the it’s watermelon inside a watermelon

Rehono Tharp says:

so funny and cool haha

jaxon plays says:

150 :)

kaeleigh aikens says:

I hate the music

Isaiah Guzman says:


aqua cutey says:

The bear at the end cute lol n the goat baby

Yomama2nite says:

the only really cool ones were the guys doing the ball passing

DubstepNinja says:

half of these are not vines

Elizabeth Forbes says:

macaroni spaghetti and meatballs. red flag

Th3AQuaBaT says:

Frogs and blueberries. The new Romeo and Juliet 

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