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» Celebrities sure know how to pull great pranks on their friends and fans!
Most Awkward 1D Moments! – http://bit.ly/1xJV3PM
TONS of celebs took part in April Fool’s Day this year and we’ve got our top 5 favorite picks right here! Who pulled your favorite prank and what celebs did we miss? Leave some love down in the comments and thanks for watching!

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Written by
Ayan Mohammed & Victoria Alaniz

Hosted by Hunter March




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isabelced2 says:

Shawn mendes tweeted that he had to cancel all of the U.S dates for his
tour for some reasons that we didn’t know of and I was bawling my eyes out
because he wasn’t coming but also that I already bought my over $100
tickets. Until he tweeted that it was an April fools joke and that he was
so excited for this U.S. tour. tbh I was angry and happy at the same

Sabrina Sabrie says:

wait.. At the end why did Hunter say this was his last show? I hope it’s
not a late April fools joke lol

Hunter March says:

If you all saw my outro for this video…. Aprils fools! I love you guys
way too much to leave!!

High w.You says:

Zayn left One Direction , was hoping is was an early April fools prank but
it wasn’t

kaylee young says:

i fell for katy perrys prank

MusicFreak13 says:

Did you say Augustus WaLters, because i heard an L in there

Style Mariam says:

Umm Camerons Prank got my heart BEATING FAAAAST!

ItsLuisaPereira says:

Can we talk about Cameron’s prank? I mean…. Girlfriend? but that one from
Jade got me really good!

Megan Aubrey says:

shawn mendes and cameron dallas their pranks scared the crap out of me

Hayley Kennedy says:

Am I the only one missing the 5sos Fridays??

Crismelly Jimenez says:

He didn’t even mention Cameron Dallas April fools madness. I cared about
that more than the Rihanna, katyperry, and Selena prank.

Needa Tokhi says:

Umm u guys forgot 1Ds prank
That zayn was quitting
Soooooooooooo happy lol

Megan Love says:

Cameron Dallas was the best joke. He scared all of us telling us he had a
girlfriend omg i like freaked out.

TanishaLive says:

Where is the full video of Rihanna’s prank?

lpslover800 says:

Cameron Dallas said he had a girlfriend

And Shawn Mendes said he had to cancel his US tour dates

Lili Rodas says:

But how did Rihanna get into Jimmy’s house without him knowing

Ally Hanlon says:

What about the prank the 5sosfam pulled on the boys? Even though it isn’t
considered a Celebrity prank, we pulled it on them….

Elizabeth Masingila says:

My best friends brother got his bed in the roof

ButterCup Lili says:

Cameron Dallas decided to trick everyone and say he had a girlfriend
literally saddest day of my life

Angel Hill says:

What movie was it when Selna had to play as a mother 

Krasser- Alois : News Portal says:

Grüsse Alois

Victoria Kurdziel says:

What about Cameron Dallas? His prank!

Brooke Sullivan says:

What about Cameron’s prank???!

Sophie T. says:

Cameron Dallas’ prank on Instagram of how he said he was taken

layla abdulrahman says:

You forgot Cameron Dallas’ April fools joke .. Gosh that was a stressful

Katelyn Ling says:

cams tweet April fools joke scared me but I would have been happy for him
either way

Kaitlyn Steffen says:

My class played a prank on our math teacher and since we aren’t allowed to
have phones in class we brought in a ton of phone cases, but we instantly
got caught

G Scovern says:

I think what the 5sos fam did to 5sos was the best 

Chloe me says:

Camila’s prank had me crying… Then I realised it was April fools

Briana Hernandez says:

Sam smiths is so effing annoying and sucks his April fools joke sucked 

Gabi Wozniak says:

WHATTTTTT no I hope it was a prank about hunter leaving

beautystylelove101 says:

You forgot Cameron Dallas April Fool Joke

Elisa Shafi says:


Kathelyn DaSilva says:

Cameron Dallas tweeted that he had a girlfriend and I was fine with it but
all he posted was pictures of him kissing her..so I thought it was a photo
shoot because Cameron wouldn’t all of a sudden post that type of shit with
out telling us what’s going on…but then Nash did the same thing. So the
guy’s scared the whole fandom…had people crying. And tbh it was the best
prank ever

sötis minja says:

WATERS NOT WALTERS! so sorry i just could not get over it

Jaydee Camryn says:

“Augustus Walters”

Bethany Marlow says:

Camilas almost gave me a heart attack *cue demi lovato*

Angelica Mae Monong says:

OMG!! I fell for Katy Perry’s prank I literally thought it was real

Orla Smyth says:

Ross lynch pretended that he shaved his head

Amitha Anmalsetty says:

I told my friend that I had cancer.

Alexis Dennis says:

I loved sams

Kiran Miller says:

my principal decided to pull a prank on the whole school, teachers gave out
papers from the district saying that our school was going to become a
charter school and at the very end of the note everyone realized that it
said it was a prank. 

Kamryn Reid says:

Guys!!!zayn didnt really quit 1d!!!go on twittter it was an april fools

hope lee says:

are u serious it his last daily report oh ma gowsh

the beauty guru says:

And then post this on a different video

Trin xo says:

What about Cameron’s prank?!

Hazel McQueen says:

Her name is pronounced Ri-anna!! She even said so herself!! 

mikhaela Eunice says:

I fall for Cameron Dallas’s prank.. Lol… He really got me!

Gisselle Linares says:

Hunter you can’t leave us, you’re the best DD:

Theresa espinosa says:

When cameron posted the pictures with this girl saying they were dating 

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