AFHV – Show #1

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The premiere TV episode of the hit 1980s TV game show “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

The year is 1988. George H.W. Bush, age 64, is elected U.S. President; the Persian Gulf Crisis is in full effect; and a rookie TV producer named Vin di Bona is enjoying a relaxing vacation in Japan with his lovely wife, Gina.

During the vacation, Vin, whose Saturday-morning game show “Animal Crack-Ups” is on its way off the air, catches a glimpse of a Japanese variety show called “Fun with Kato and Ken,” a segment of which featured local Japan residents sending in their funniest/amazing moments ever caught on tape in the hopes of winning the Japanese equivalent of the American dollar.

Upon his return from the vacation, Vin (fascinated by the segment) thought to himself, “That’s my NEXT Game Show!”

Soon afterwards, Vin pitched the concept to the ABC Television Network, which immediately greenlit the pilot in early 1989.

As he had done 2 years earlier with Alan Thicke (then starring on ABC’s “Growing Pains”) for “Animal Crack-Ups,” Vin hired stand-up comic & ABC actor Bob Saget (then starring on “Full House”) to host the pilot.

The pilot, by that time christened “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” taped in Spring 1989 and was telecast on November 26, 1989 on ABC–and became such a surprise hit that 7 weeks later, on January 14, 1990, the show, by this time trimmed to a 30-minute format, began airing every Sunday night at 8 P.M. in a format that has remained unchanged throughout its long run.

Americans send in their funniest and/or amazing home videos ever caught on tape, with the top 3 funniest home videos of the night winning a combined $15,000: $10,000 for 1st place, $3,000 for 2nd place, and $2,000 for 3rd place (in the 1st season only, in addition to the $5,000 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes, the 2nd and 3rd place winners, respectively, earned an RCA Video Camera and an RCA Full-Sized Television Set); at the end of each sweeps period, the $10,000 winners vie for an additional $100,000.

In May 1997, after 8 seasons, Bob Saget left “America’s Funniest Home Videos”; he was replaced the following January by MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes (paired with stand-up comic John Fugelsang). By this time, however, the ratings took a nosedive, and in May 1999, after 10 successful seasons, ABC canceled “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” with the series finale (taped live at the House of Blues) telecast on August 28, 1999 on the ABC Television Network.

But wait, there’s more: 2 years later, on July 20, 2001, ABC brought back “America’s Funniest Home Videos” in a revival version in an hour-long format.

Other than the expansion, the format remained unchanged; this time, TV personality Tom Bergeron (then doing double-duty as a game show host with “Hollywood Squares” and now hosting the reality competition series “Dancing with the Stars” alongside Brooke Burke) taking over hosting duties–a job he maintains to this very day.

In 2008, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” surpassed “What’s My Line?” (which aired for 17 years on the CBS Television Network from February 2, 1950 – September 3, 1967) as network TV’s longest-running Prime Time Game Show–and is the longest-running entertainment program in the history of the ABC Television Network.

Repeats of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” have aired on TBS from 1995-1998, on the USA Network from 1998-2000, on the Hallmark Channel from 2001-2003 and again from January-February 2010, on Nickelodeon from April 30, 2007 – October 28, 2007, on WGN America since about 2006-2007, on ABC Family from 2006-2008 (estimated) and in off-network syndication (Bergeron episodes only) since September 12, 2010.

Distribution rights were bought by Disney’s Buena Vista Television in 1995 after The Walt Disney Company bought the ABC Television Network (though the show itself was syndicated by Fox Television Studios until 2001).

Since its inception, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” has been a production of ABC Entertainment for Vin di Bona Productions.

“America’s Funniest Home Videos” is distributed by Buena Vista Television.

© 1989 Buena Vista Television


hotman966 says:

this was his first show right?

Greenguy4301 says:

1:41 and thus, a hit series was born.

Bourg Productions says:

Nothing against Tom Bergeron, but Bob Saget brought excitement to the show.
I watched this show back in the early 90s.

Erica Cruz says:

I only clicked on this video because of Danny tanner 

RosannLe Sechovec says:

I saw this when it first aired. My mom and I both thought that the best
video was the brother helping his sister get past the gap in the sidewalk.
All these years later we both still remember it. In fact not long ago we
were telling my brother about it.
We both thought it should have won. Now reading the info about the show, I
realize it probably wasn’t even in the running. It came from the original
show. Also, I didn’t remember that the audience didn’t pick the winner.
Anyway at 34:04 the best video clip ever.

Kaylee Merriman says:


James Dolezal says:



Over 2,000 videos… and Bob Saget has almost ALL of them, most of which
were porn, according to his HBO special “That Ain’t Right”.

Kaitlyn Ciara'sfriend says:

Does he play Danny Taner in full house 

megamanj2004X says:

Bob Saget’s AFV was also even very briefly reran on Chicago’s Me-TV (before
the national expansion days) in 2007 as well. But the original viewer
contest plugs, we re-dubbed and re-edited with the ones from the Tom

Andrew Horne says:

33:17 – My favorite in this episode.

1980'sRare&Unreleased says:

awesome! i miss the old AFVs they never seem to play them anymore

Chickenpie Awesomesause says:

(Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh) What ever happened to predictability- The milk
man, the paper boy, evening TV? How did I get to living here? Somebody tell
me please! This old world’s confusing me. With clouds as mean as you’ve
ever seen. And a world that know your tune. Then a little voice inside you
whispers, ‘Please, don’t sell your dreams so soon’! Everywhere you look,
Everywhere you go There’s a heart (There’s a heart) A hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look, Everywhere you go There’s a place of somebody who
needs you, Every where you look. When you’re lost out there and you’re all
alone, A light is waiting to carry you home. Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look. (Chip-a-dee-ba-ba-dow)


Nicholas McCleary says:


mxc82 says:

42:38 funny when he said that because one year later it all came true. 

Tristan Laferriere says:

Bob Saget was way better. That Tom Bergeron guy is annoying as fuck.

M Sckittone says:

I always loved Bob and all his voices. I WISH I could find the video that
made me laugh for days. A man has a weiner dog on a table outside (I
think) and he says “Washing a small dog.” The weiner dog is not happy and
starts to growl and bare his teeth as he man begins washing him. Bob
narrates saying things like “don’t wash me, don’t wash me, I wanna be
dirty. Towel, gimme a towel!” I had it on a tape and went to watch it a
while back but, someone taped over it. Bob was still host so it was in the
earlier days. I would be ETERNALLY grateful if someone could help me
identify and find this video. :-)

ambersalcove says:

this is funny I remember seeing this original show of America’s funniest
Home Video’s when I was a kid mainly in reruns mostly this first episode
was on TV before I was even a baby how Cool!

Tim Grace says:

2:31 the first crotch shot in AFHV history….

Lupton2000 says:

I had no idea it was taped in the spring of 1989.

Daviysoh says:

Thanks for uploading!

ambersalcove says:

I eventually appeared on the scene the year after 1988 

Blake Buentello says:

Oh Bob Saget

ENunn Productions Inc. says:

Make it available for mobile please?

tripjet999 says:

The videos they show where people get hurt are NOT funny and should be left

Vahan Nisanian says:

Aren’t the Japan-made videos seen here from Kato & Ken’s TV show?

darn bob says:

I actually enjoyed Bob Saget playing the ‘straight guy’.

Way back when, he was ‘Mr ABC’…

I can’t think of a single performer who had two top ten shows in a single
ratings period.

sha11235 says:

Halloween night 1986. Sure that wasn’t a Halloween prank?

sha11235 says:

My favorite video is on here: The Penguins watching the spotlight. Now
Letterman would love this.

sha11235 says:

Bill has the opportunity to pull their pants down and do it doggy style.
Guess they are divorced now.

Fangalatic says:

The best TV show ever. Saget was marvellous on all those voices.

VaultMasterDBT says:

Did you read the rest of the video description?

chrispleasantable says:

The pilot episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos

DigidestinedofTrust says:

The ‘Don’t use the Camera’ video has been used in numerous episodes!

Daniel Velez says:


CountryBoy Nick says:

do you have any more AFHV Episodes if you do upload them please

lowbrassrules says:

my son and daughter were the two under the Christmas tree 😛

Ria-Chan says:

OMG such an old video and video camera! The show definitely isn’t what it
used to be…

schmno11 says:

love this show!!!thanks!!

MrVanhalen10 says:

She got Michael Jordan’s name reversed. She called him Jordan Michael. WTF?

Jason Jones says:

3:34 First ever winner!

CutForAmandaTodd〈3JKThat'sGay says:

Bob Saget is a monster. This family friendly crap is bugging hi.

txvoltaire says:

4:00 I think this couple divorced soon after.

jackscatz says:

It is not old to me

firmclock says:

man people where funny looking in the 1980s

Leo Vargas says:

Excellent quality!!! 🙂

MrDommo09 says:

Funny how you wrote a whole BOOK for your description, I don’t think ANYONE
had enough patience to read that whole biography, I know I didn’t! (LOL)!

xxchaosguyxx says:

you guys are all a bunch of SAGETS!…

Lunachii★desu (´・ω・)ノ says:

1980s oh gosh..

james lee says:

I was 5 years old in 88

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