America’s Funniest Home Videos part 27

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ms50bluestates1 says:

Funny stuff!

Dmaxpower2 says:


wilfrid55 says:


TheDoxis says:

7:32 a nice mother

siberianhuskybud says:

i like for bug spazzes lol

fakeflamadiddle says:

LOL. 2:07 “hey! watch the language there, sailor.”

sasa839682 says:

muahahahaha haha beeeeeeee hahahahaha jebote ocu umrijesti haha ha

Stillwater900 says:

Bob Faget always ruined the show with his idiot voices. The new guy isn’t
much better though

trancelistic says:

love the snowman:D But to dangerus to pull this trick in holland, police
can’t laugh about this…:/ sad

Rachici Fatma says:

02:12 new Hitler? :)) funny!

TheNaunu says:

one of those bees at last videos came out of screen X(

Abby Rimner says:

I have to do that soon!!!!!! 🙂

998KEKE says:

07:47 “mama ” shutuuuuup looooool

orca631 says:

I’m sure people undestand me now when I tell that snowmen scare me!!

G pradhan says:

love the snow ma

Daniel Piedrabuena says:

in 9:53 big bulge in blue shorts!!! whatch it!

Domino054 says:

5:10 Doesn’t that remind me of the car stack: “The “Hey, wait for me!”

Battlefieldfan146 says:


That one Persone says:

XD kid rages at 1:50

G pradhan says:

poor dog 2:29

Lucef says:

Load! Aim! Fire! *Shots* Medic!

shizzle240 says:

the video at 4:53 lol peter parker

punkettes86 says:

2:21 lol!

Abby Rimner says:

24 is funny as hell!!!!!! xD

That one Persone says:

XDDD 4:20

Bráulio Caleb Leite da Silva Sena says:


C0C0A NINJA says:

you got hey on my car… you got car on my hey

cuteprettyme7 says:

you got carr on my heyy!

Kzinix says:

06:21 Stupid dog, leave the fridge and the kitty alone.

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