America’s Funniest Home Vids Pt. 1

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miss princess says:

Im sad its terrible because of the dog being pulled around by the big dog

Wyatt Maiorana says:

Why was the lady not wearing a bra could she stand up and face the camera

MsFrappleHut says:

1:22 soooo funny

nommiekitten says:

The last one daddy are you ok

Shadow Ninja says:

5:41 best dog ever! 😛

GiGiTheLady says:

i like the part 2:19

c0301958 says:

lol at 5:04

funkyratboy says:

the girl is stupid to give it too much food :p

Kaye Bender says:


cupcakesforlife14 says:

5:03 that looks like toothless!!!!! xD

kyn1105 says:

hahaha that was funny

ImNotPerfect11100 says:

2:30 poor little chiuaua!!!! LOL

kjaks says:

children crying always funny

ThePivotRR says:

9:14 black cat bad luck

Luigi Thebaud says:

9:17 black cat = bad luck

Leen mohammed says:

my best part 2:00 to 2:38 funny

joshfredojr says:


kut0s0n says:

cute but nothing funny funny…

Charity ReVello says:


turningspikeinfinite says:


lillypus1 says:

i have seen it menny times so funny

Jacky. says:

@SkaterCartoon Yeah this one is from 2008 i feel that the old ones arent
very funny but i find the new ones are

tonicrosss says:

you might not believe this but ive wanted to laugh the whole day but no
other video can make me laugh i wan to laugh badly but i cant 🙁

R.H.D Snips vs Gung says:

Loooool the most funny video ever !!!

quareterhorse4496 says:

9:52 good catch!!

kamero5440 says:

6:14 lol

eliza2381 says:


vishakx3 says:

9:33 expression is awesome totally a funny clip claps for the uploader

winter0880 says:

omg i thought i was going to pee myself it was so funny

Flux Recon says:

The chihuahua was like “LOL IM NOT EVEN GIVING A FUCK”

AmyJoK1978 says:

hee-hee i love this show hee-hee

Danbly says:

6:33 Was so Freaking funny XD

Assem Kussainova says:

wow i laughed sooo hard my mom was wonderin wat was goin on w/ me lol

Gabbie78 says:

I keep replaying the last part over and over!! The kid just made me the

TheLovebunny42 says:

ikr….great catch!

bingoladybingo says:

My grandma watched dis had a kick out of it

MsLynndon says:

@MsFrappleHut Funny video, and also the one caled “Bubble Singing” With the
woman singing on the couch. Hilarious. Two funny videos.

hannah douglas says:

Beware of the Black Widow

Umar Abdarazaq Ibn Tariq Najm Alfareed Berrestoon says:

haha the lady had the best freaking face when the lizard was biting her ear

fredrik483 says:

dino chihuha is so funny XD

Kayla Melenka says:

This is funny lol

Hubert Alegro says:


smoby06 says:

lol 06:24-06-30

jr diaz says:

Laughter is the best medicine to people…

Estuardo Ortiz says:

i bursted out laughing at 3:29 lol everybody around me stared 🙂 hillarious

Dennis Obbando says:

lol the one were the lady was bout to hit a golfball and dog just came and
stole it i couldnt stop laughing

err mine says:

oh my god that gril she try her best to save her dad realy she make me wana

Fidaa Khoury says:

awesome video ! i cant stop laughing.

maus khoygani says:

Afv is awesome 😀

Kiana Lopez says:


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