Anchorman 2 – Bloopers / Gag Reel (HD)

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Richie Rico says:

Bloopers better than the actual movie.

highmetalman6 says:

Can someone please tell me what they said at 5:43? I have no idea what
“favorite Flom John or Groom grow is…. Thanks in advance.

moviechic07 says:

50 greatest vaginas of the 20th century? I’m intrigued.

Wayne Noffsinger says:

I found my way into a blooper hole on you tube and literally laughed myself
silly with this one from Anchorman 2

Bob Lake says:

I’m wiping tears of laughter from my eyes from watching this clip.

Man, the actors must have been exhausted after a day of splitting their
sides trying not to lose it during shoots :)

Edmond Dantes says:

wow, what it must be like to laught like this at work. While the rest of
slave over bullshit salaires… Life sure is funny, in a very shitty way. I
fucking hate my job but my bills keep me there. I hate my life, i hate my
job, i hate that i am in a trap. I am so close to suicide that i don’t
think i will last much longer. What is the point? I will just keep working
like a little rat on a wheel untill i retire and die…. wow, what a great
idea our parents brainwashed us to follow. Go to college, get a job, save
money, reitre… they forgot to tell us that youth is priceless and when
you have you should use it to the fullest, because once it is gone you are
worth nothing. When you are older no one gives a shit about you or how your
living. They willl let you die on the streat, so live it up while your
young. There is nothing to look forward to once you are old. 

King Solomon says:


Neon Jake says:

Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, and Jim Carrey in
a movie would be awesome.

jootai says:

7:32 gets me every time!!

hans lund says:

Maaaaany of theese jokes should have been in the movie!!!! they where
needed. What was they thinking, its the retardness thats funn.

Jay Mills says:

the fight scene is my favorite part and i LOVE that Jim Carrey cant
remember his name!!! ha ha (10:18)

μολὼν λαβέ says:

God, i wish that pompeii bit was in the film

RedDizzle316 says:

These are better then the actual movie

Gage Morgan says:

13:32 “DO I AMUSE YOUUU?!?” I fucking lost my shit 

My Window On The World says:

It would be funny if these dinks STOPPED making bloopers on purpose!

monkem says:

13:25 laughed my ass off

Adrian Brent says:

Elephant man, lost it.

captainswansmulders says:

Kristen Wiig’s laughing fits give me life! I get those and I cry with
laughter too. #spiritanimal. Besides standing in front of Steve Carrell
would make laugh too!

highmetalman6 says:

161 people got rained down on with frothy ejaculate.

Bradey Wittenmeier says:

please tell those are all real condom brands 

stargate905 says:

i feel like growing a fat old porn stash 

Jason says:

Too bad the movie wasn’t this funny. I should have just watched this

Sky Lane says:

It’s pretty ironic that the fuck ups, are funnier than the movie

Daniel Bryant says:

Kristen Wigg Is amazing.

KoopaPlays says:

Kristen Wiig is always almost laughing its too funny

Brandon Lee says:

These bloopers are even funnier than the movie itself lmao 

Steve Brule says:

There must be a place where they dispose of cats?

ImVxzR says:

What the hell is a ski condo LOL

Sophie Sadie says:

Love steve carrel he’s the best!

Soki Moh says:

Did will Ferrell really struggle at 4.40 when champ grab him? That’s really
funny yo

tubenachos says:

Sadly not as funny as the first, but the bloopers are good.

Annas Hubby says:

12:17 i’m dun XD

Michael Littlesmith says:

How are they getting paid for this?

Seth Elvebak says:

I like to cunt punt Cowboys had to be the funniest shit I’ve heard 

ashtar commander says:

this would be the hardest movie to act in

Devogoddess says:


highspeedtubing says:

WAY funnier than the movie….which sucked sucked sucked. 

Ethan Kalcheff says:

Kristen and Steve need to do more together


Why they didn’t put the elephant-man joke (13:26) on the film, is too funny
i lost my breath to this.

Alexander Quirk says:

What does Kirsten say that really sets Steve off? Like what does he ask as

Ericka Kaliske says:

“6 yrs ago, I jumped out from behind that column and surprised a window
washer who fell to his death..technically, it wasn’t my fault” lmfao

Blayzer2002 says:

3mins 5o
0 real tears ha ha ha

Larry Peters says:

Those 2 women at the end are fuckin sexy, especially the blond one.
Hilarious ending tho 

Mitch Connor says:

Love how they all died at the Elephant Man part hahaha


I enjoyed this as much as the movie, if not more.

leeman401 says:

wtf the 2nd movie was better than the first. The first was worse and when i
heard anchorman 2 is thought no more please, and then i actually liked it.
Come on we are even lucky we have access to all these things and people are
too negative when you should just enjoy it.

Marty Wolter says:

CAN someone please tell me what steve carell asks kristin wiig at 5:42 i
have NO IDEA but it still cracked me up – it sounds like just a mumbled non
word but i would still like someone to clear that up for me please ?

SpamHusky says:

This is GREAT stuff

Iczey1 says:

Imagine you get to laugh like this on your work.. dream come true

MTSpade says:

Will Ferrell was never funny, he always just tries way too hard to get
laughs by being stupid and making dick jokes, and then adding a bunch of
other unfunny idiots, especially the women, they should have just let this
series die with the 1st one

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