Animals interrupting news – Funny animal compilation

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The cockroach vs weatherman wins! 😀
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TheAlexis4444 says:

what’s wrong with that black wetherman..? screaming worse than a little
girl for almost nothing. How unprofessional.

EnigmaDrath says:

When the guys got into the car to escape the turkey(?) it would have been
amazing had they turned around to find another one already in there with
them … >:)

Olga L says:


Studeb says:

Today on the weather, there’s a 90% chance of gay.

bubblez says:

the turkey!!! i cannot stop laughing XD

SamuraiMorshu says:

Looking at those Pandas I like to think they were trying their absolute
best at killing that guy but were just too inept at it XD

sarin royce says:

2:26 that turkey was like I’m not done with you! get back here! HAHA

Sarah Szabo says:

Whatever that aggressive bird was, it’d know not do do that again, if it
could pick itself up off the floor.

normandyangel says:

This has to be the best video on YouTube.. 

TheGaymers says:

Dude that turkey is PIIIIIIISED!

Anna Nicole Smitherson says:

Pandas :)

Flipnote SongClan says:

omg the capercaillie was all like, “HEY, OUT OF MY STREET!!!!”

Cl4rendon says:

Serves the lady right at the beginning with that already complaining cat.

adoracle1 says:

the turkey!!! ROFLMBO!!!! omg….ahhhhh hahahahaha

Drawingunz001 says:

the weather man ..lmfao

FrostTheFox says:

which Animal is disturbing the Guy at 1:14 ? It Sounds so funny! XD

Xa R. says:

What the hell is the gay weather guy screaming about? Does anyone know
what happened? Did a mouse suddenly crawl across his foot or something?
(you’d probably freak out too if that happened…though maybe not quite
like that)

Oh god that reporter and the pelican – that was some funny shit.

TreeFolkDruid says:

that last one is prob from sweden xD

TUQ NY says:

When the bird was attacking the camera

JapaneseFan01 says:

capercaillie can be dangerous because of his strong Peak and those are very

Darkrai724 says:

1:06 What happened here?

Kip Lambert says:

The gay dude that was afraid of the bug was pathetic..I’ll bet that he was
so “light in the loafers” he could not have effectively stomped on that

Brian Gohjira says:


Jonathan Burgess says:

To all those who have experience with geese, I hear you all loud and clear.
I once went to a school that had a working animal farm with horses and
chickens and goats and geese… who had the irresistible urge to spread
their wings wide, hold their heads high and sneak up behind any girl the
could catch of guard before chasing them honking and hissing while the
girls would scream as if they we under attack by some bloodthirsty monster.
Needless to say the whole show was hilarious to watch…. but when these
two geese approached me one day, spread there wings and honked at me hoping
to get me to run I spread my arms as wide as I could and Honked as loud as
one can. The lead goose kind of turned it’s head to the side and almost
looked as though it had fear and disappointment in it’s eye.

Ever after that the Geese would give me a wide berth but whenever they’d
try to chase the girls, I’d start chasing them and honking back….

Lesson learned…. Things are only scary as long as you’re running from
them. (granted you have the ability to face them effectively) and in the
end you’ll always have the last quack…

Peace :D

Tuffy Baxton says:

I mean 40 secs in… lol

Deborah Valentine says:

Human 0 cat 1

Seba92000 says:

1:10 gays are funny with their screams xD

Pandy chin says:

nom nom that butt D::

amanda barry says:

These are awesome!

Sapo V. says:

how weak human beings are without guns

9puppys says:

1:39 what a pansie

Yumpy says:


anita arnott says:

Couldn’t she tell that the cat was very angry?

eliane elias says:

cara iso foi lagal

Alyaah Ceballos says:

What’s up with the black weather man dude and why is he freaking out wow
that totally fails

Chloe Winsdale says:

That turkey was all ‘U WOT M8’

Davide Joshua Pagnin says:

The one of the horse is die for me 0.0

Joseph Essi says:

1:03 I am crying XD

Tuffy Baxton says:

the one at 3mins in killed me! 

Mariani Winingsih says:

Really funny !!! Thanks

XxMaritxX says:

01:20 spider?
02:14 we aren’t supposed to kill animals though but if we’d bite back he’d
be hurt lol

Matias Kurvinen says:

SverigesTV Var så jäkla kul!

JCxShadow says:

I’d grab the turkey’s neck, spin and throw!

Tsunami45chan says:

The panda part was cute it wont let go the guys foot >w<

basy says:

omg that turkey is cruuuraaaazyyyyy

st81982001 says:

so what exactly happen to the weather report and the one after…

Cambria McDaniel says:

That is an extremely frisky pelican!

Fabienne Schaller says:

The man with the panda was just cute!
<33333 :3

Jax says:

would have smacked that bird. that would teach him not to mess with me

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