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I collaborated with Power 106’s radio host Big Boy to prank one of his celebrity friends, Anthony Anderson. I changed my caller ID to Big’s cell phone number and called up Anthony as if Big left his phone behind and I just found it. Hope you guys enjoy this call as much as I did, and share the video with your friends!

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Ownage Pranks says:

If this video does well I think I’ll have more opportunities to prank other
celebs Big Boy knows (and he knows a ton lol), you can help out by sharing
the video with a friend! 😀 As always thank you all so much for the
continued support, been reading your comments and feedback all day

Ownage Pranks says:

you guys are amazing, thanks for all the love on the video! Shout out to
Anthony Anderson and Big Boy for being awesome. Help the video get out
there by sharing it with all your homies! :D

FreshBro8 says:

Lol Anthony Anderson is a horrible actor! The only thing worth noting to
his filmography is his small small role in The Departed.

abdi abdi says:

you should have called kanye lol.

rammice says:

Lol the Kangaroo Jack guy

Abi Poe Heart says:

Thought it would be nice to share my opinion as well. No offense, I don’t
like it…….AT ALL :/ I’d rather want you to continue with pranking those
who put adverts, gay hotlines, restaurants and so on. This one didn’t make
me laugh at all, I found it very boring.
Take this as a sort of an encouragement for making more vids :)

AssassinFOURnolan says:

*Edited Out.* Call this number, and prank it as you please, but before you
do, ask for Rose, tell her it’s Alex, Evan, Thomas, or Tyler….

Please try to record any well done pranks…

Sultan Alabdulwahed says:

Please prank my BFF he’s arabic guy and he’s number is 0553291111 he’s ur
number 1 fan

Samuel Appiah says:

he’s maurice in romeo must die lol

krylesangerbeaver says:

I got a couple stacks for Tyrone to give me that phone number.

benjie may-ag says:

ye soon enough every celebrity would know your accents that way it wouldn’t

Jialen Baluran says:

Does he live in my area cause ummm Topanga Mall I live 5 minutes away from
that place!

Oogrol Adams says:

Anthony Anderson is a gay fhaggot who is a miser coz he couldn’t provide
the stacks :P

Ricardo Huard says:

Call Kanye and say gay fish, he’ll understand.

mr_powder addict says:

+1721 5876611 can you call this company parasailing based in st Maarten he
is a friend of my. just make a good prank. Jeroen is his name. You can make
him laugh I m sure you will like it to. He is actually from the
Netherlands. Just do a boat repo or something. ;)

Sai Ramesh says:

Sounds like Jackson Ellis from 2k

TheScatmanBros says:

“No look here bic boi”

@NamesEVR says:


LifeIMO94 says:

Anthony Anderson is a cool motherfucker lol

MrWraith46 says:

You do watchu’ gotta do dawg! LOL (SamariTAN)

Ant Live says:

I work in the Locker and ppl leave they shit in there all the time….. So

Hakmen90 says:

This guy was too bad in the departed. 

D͢ą̕r҉k Ja̴k͏͜e says:

call 2pacs hologram

SpreadEx 21 says:

who should he prank??? hum…. WILL SMITH!!!!! HELL YEAH THAT WOULD BE EPIC

Obama Bin Swagen says:

8:16 that laugh tho

MrProTechHD says:

Fuck Celebrities

tony smith says:

are you a phreak hacker?

Richard Woodhouse says:

Like if you’re watching in 2008

divizionx says:

prank kanye and say you fucked kim

The Ok Giraffe says:

“Tyrone and Abdul… Okay cool…”

Pedro Moniz Teixeira says:

What’s this talk about big, wasn’t big “biggie smalls” notorious B.I.G.?
Nowdays everybody wanna talk.

Shabbar3 says:

Please do more celebrities haha love it 

Austin Goodson says:

Awesome lok

arsenal4liffe says:

man you gotta hit up Samuel L jackson!! that would be hilarious!!!

ViceHacks _ says:

lol, hard to eat with no teeth

DaWingman A. says:

Eh yo mah nigger name be SMALL BOY n’om sayin?

mlbr0cks says:

I can see Anthonys big black laughing his ass off

Jenn ifer says:

You’re amazing! So happy you’re doing with with Big Boy!

Jonasdrinksalot says:

Awesome, Anthony is a great sport lol!

Jojo Neck says:

rate when I heard big boy I thought of GTA 5 on one of the radio stations

123JoseAyyy says:

Do Kevin Hart omg Plzzz<3 😀

Kierra Hart says:

Can’t stop smiling I love this guy keep the videos coming !!!

Ant Live says:

Lmfao….. That was so original, I loved his reactions….

Kaduku Kid says:

Whoop DAT trick 

s. bae says:

Haha anythony Anderson is a pretty chill dude.

Mohamed Bikary says:

that one was funny..ownage should make more celebrity videos

XxEnergized Cookie21xX says:

Can you prank call me 

Samuel Herrera says:

I wan’t to be a GOOD SAMARITAN.

mparryuk52 says:

Mark from London loves Ownage Pranks x I’ve spent literally hours listening
to your calls and laugh at them all, thanks for making the world a better
place at a time when it’s going mad x Please shout out a ‘hi’ Russell x

JBiNN says:

Shit is fucking fake like half ur pranks.

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