April Fools Pranks – Compilation – AFV

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In this funny video compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos, it’s April Fools day! Come celebrate with us by watching all of these hilarious pranks! SUBSCRIBE: http://afv.tv/afvofficial

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America's Funniest Home Videos says:

April Fools! Need a little inspiration? Check out some of the best AFV
April Fools pranks ever!

Submit your mischief to AFV—>http://goo.gl/tMGJCB

daniela gomez says:

this vid is SOOO funny

SheWasAlmost18 says:

Getting hit in the balls isn’t really an April Fools prank…

Lumps _ says:


Hayden Wade says:

that was so funny

Carter Matthews says:


Huskie Wuskie says:

at 0:27 he really could not wait to unload his pistol into everyone

Emily L says:

It’s April fools in Australia 

Jenny England says:

I did a do not laughter or smile challenge and I did not smile or laughter

MLPFIM Stories says:

I love prank videos.

Ravidutt Jha says:


barbara johnson says:

something tells me that this is my homework

Trey Grissom says:
Ava Martino says:

The one when the kid fell down the Grand Canyon was my language arts and
social studies teacher’s son. She showed us that in class

Venomous Echo says:

Must know this song

zaria riggins says:
sunlightangel87 says:


Amira Brown says:

yall should put like your brother or familiy member, like intead of whipp
cream put butter in there hand what every u do dont put it in your moms or
dads hand!!!!

Jason Fan says:

the last one is best!! Good job!

flameing fox says:

April Fools Pranks – Compilation – AFV: http://youtu.be/5nd5Rec_FJQ

zaria riggins says:

Funny yo 

Hailey Bruce says:

Love it so funny!!!

hailey mincer says:
Emily Cañizares says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

FrankenHeavy says:


Bhairavi Gupte says:
Jamilla Williams says:


XxGoogleGamingTVxX says:

I love the chainsaw one

Shannon C says:


Roberto Turco says:


vendy tran says:

Jamilla Williams says:
Ruth Finau says:

some of these are really funny

Ana Fuentes says:

jajajajjajajajaja look at their face

Joseph Martinez says:

Last one wasn’t even funny, pretty morbid joke but most were pretty funny,
I dug the chainsaw one and the guy getting so scared he fell off his bed

Silver Fox says:

0:49 That’s not a nice prank!

regina kim says:

I liked the chainsaw one and the toilet prank. LOL

Zeb Anderson says:

about 0:47 looks like a AS cadet

Kidrauhl : says:

I pooped in my pNts

Transfer to Digital says:

April Fools’ Day has arrived, so here’s a compilation of pranks for you to
enjoy! (It’s only 1 min and 42 secs long.)

The last one is our favourite, which one is yours?

#Videos #HomeVideos #HomeMovies #AprilFoolsDay #Prank

Narapun Phongsutja says:


Kathy Tran says:

For the second one, it looks like my fucking friend sorta, brother

Willie Peck says:

1:06 those golf balls
We’re so funny!

Elmar The bike guy says:

The best 

Eloise Horan says:

The last one:P

Elijah Thornton says:

That was funny

Eric Cui says:


tristen trevino says:


Camouflage says:

0:43 – 0:47 Is the exact date I was born October 14th, 2002

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