Asian Babysitting Nightmare Prank – Ownage Pranks

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I call a guy as Buk Lau to apply for a babysitting position. He’s had a couple bad experiences with babysitters in the past, but not to worry–Buk is an excellent child care expert, and Tyrone is there to vouch for him! I wouldn’t upload a prank this long unless it was absolutely worth your time to watch, so be sure to smash that Like button and share the laughs with your friends 🙂

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Ownage Pranks says:

Thank you for all the kind words and amazing comments! I’ll be reading all
of em. Hope this crazy prank brightens your day 😀 If you’re new to the
channel hit subscribe to catch my future vids!

Ownage Pranks says:

Thanks for all the amazing feedback errrybody, glad this gave everyone some
good laughs 😀 For the few of you who think this is fake or scripted in
some way.. cmon now, you should know better by now! Why the hell would I
try to script something 26 MINUTES long?! That would require a stupid
amount of work and planning.. calling up people randomly with a very rough
concept and improv-ing the rest is my specialty, and it’s exactly what
happened here. Part of why this call is so crazy is how I kept him on the
phone for so long! I know the majority of you realize this.. but figured
I’d make a post for those of you who are skeptical. There is absolutely no
need for me to ‘script’ prank calls, I’ve gotten pretty good at this as
time has gone on lol. Love you guys, and thanks for subscribing <3

Delana Trujillo-Johnson says:

7:43 “Sorry I didn’t mean to Confucius.” <-- LMFAO. Best improv ever..

Ownage Pranks says:

Been soooooo eager to post this super mega ultimate Buk Lau prank. Excited
to read all your comments, lemme know what your favorite parts are!! Be
sure to hit the Like button if you enjoyed the longest prank in OP
history!! (so far)

Diego Varela says:

Have Tyrone call the KKK

BannedFromUtube23 says:

Call the australian target and ask for a copy of gta5

Progressive Era says:

wait, what the fuck?
the last babysitter shit in the bedroom?

Charles Long says:

This guy sounds wierd as fuck. Talking to some stranger whose gonna watch
his son about partying and fucking asian women??? After the beginning of
the conversation who the fuck would still consider having this person watch
their child??? WTF??? 6:15 “When you come over is it gonna be you and your
friend?” Tyrone had to eventually tell him, “Dont let him by your kids”…
this dude sounds rediculous, HE SHOULDNT BE BY HIS OWN KIDS. Hiring random
ass people off craigs list to watch his kids. Hire a fucking licensed
babysitter dude. Fucking scary ass parents.

Humongous Richard says:

After confessing all that shit to a father of two kids, he still considers
meeting him??? Can someone tell me if this sort of thing is commonplace in
the USA?

Leonem FRAG says:

“Shit. Maybe I tell you too much.”

The dude made a recapitualtion of your bullshit (but hilarious) story and
doesn’t even realise how this is so fucking insane. This prank if fucking
epic! XD

BioPhare says:

Prank vanoss gaming or thelemongaming omg please I would be so happy

Like this if u agree so he can see this 

MultiGreat1 says:


J Renèe ツ says:

That guy went through a roller coaster of emotions lmao! 

WackoKillerDan says:

“It was in chinese so he don’t know what it say” *DYING NOW* 

David Mitnick says:

wow this was funny

Ernest660 says:

I lost it when you were like “SHIT THE COPS ARE COMING EVERYBODY HIDE”

Kitty cat says:

As soon as you said “I live with a black guy too, his name is Tyrone” I was
like oh god lol

itanimulli says:

Can someone please tell me what “IDK” means, everyone keeps saying, “I
don’t know.”

mn ewagwag says:

this white guy is the most genuine in all ur pranks

Diols Have says:

I’m 13.
My mom is 30
There are 3 sides in a triangle.
21 is the reason the little boy left
Illuminati Confirmed

Vixez R. says:

“I don’t actually have a black friend”
Such lonely

Ismael Cruz says:

Wife: Who are you talking to???
Guy: Jake from StateFarm

SpiralDancers says:

that was the first video i saw and after that i couldnt stop laughing….so
i saw like all of your uploads man….you are a crazy motheryucker right?
keep up the good work!!!

Kitty cat says:

“Get the construction site primed and ready” Hahahaha oh my god lol

Briana Lefman says:

I have spent almost every weekend with friends, for years watching your
clips. Absolutely HILARIOUS! You’ve brought our lives SO MUCH LAUGHTER

Mauricio Cardd says:

There is something really grotesque about this prankster. Dont know exactly
what it is, but yeah really grotesque.

Will Knight says:

i posted before hearing the rest, and wtf, HE EVEN SAYS HE WILL MEET

OsmanFootball says:

4:40 im watching this in the middle of class, and im laughing my ass off!
ehh its 8th hour luckily

Angra Mainyu says:

I wanna hang with this guy

Danny Saldana says:

Oohhhh Uhhhhh XD that made me die of laughter Cx

Српски Патриот says:

I think the guy is pretty normal after everything, respect for this dude!
Like you said he may have bad experience with babysitting but he’s a good
man a chill dude! :D

marky mark mcneely says:

In other comments…. I am beside myself wondering how the hell you keep
these people on the phone as long as you do with all the insane open
content of the prank….. you are in a class above so many great prank
phone callers. Buk lau is my fav and always cracks me up. 

Michael Parko says:

How ever do you make a Chinese voice its fukan amazing balllls 

XxSurvivalFilmsXx says:

Imagine editing all of this.

do you even lift says:

I didn’t hack this comment so you can like it .3.

Beautibird says:

I can’t believe he never hung up.

Paula Villasenor says:

Hey give my riend a call he needs a made its 475-6820

Aaron Castillo says:

I have the weirdest boner right now?

Jack Wenborg says:

Woah, 666 dislikes? 

yourmomshouse says:

Definitely the best one I’ve heard. Sooo freakin funny. Buk Lau is my

Joel Bong says:

Wow Ownage,Buk Lau is the most popular character because Americans like you
likes to make fun of Asians.Buk Lau’s voice is too racist and Asians DOES
NOT speak like that.

Zhedreeq Julkipli says:


Nav Pat says:

Dude’s opening up. Good to see humor helping him with his sexuality.

ZarHakkar says:

The Chinese text at 15:45 says something like: You look for rape?


Mar Pain says:

Is Ownage Pranks only one person?

Itscooliknowryt? Yeah! says:

This guy is worried about how Tyrone got screwed lol ownage is DA mannn! Oh

lukagavin says:

Help me reach 100000 subs by tomorrow thanks :)

Nikki Taylor says:

It took him 17mins to get sketched out, and not hangup? LOL
I think that’s a new one for Buk Lau.

carlostezoo says:

i will at least do it on the couch lol

Andy Finendale says:

He seemed odd, but he was polite through the whole thing.

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