Baby Toys in the Library

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Fuark Brah says:

What’s most funny about this video is them mindless drones “studying” for
their “exams” who are getting annoyed at jack and jstustudios for
interrupting their “study sessions” will never make anywhere near the
amount of money jack and jstu make playing with baby tops in the library
and uploading it to youtube. Now that’s fucking comical.

vascsniper says:

Why does Jack keep leaving gullible at the bottom of the description?

Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

Pleas no more Library pranks…they’re just not that funny….you’re
basically bothering studious people.

Bethany J says:

I know this is all meant in good fun, but as someone who uses the library
to study, I find this prank a bit disrespectful. The library is where I go
to focus, and distracting people in a place that’s supposed to be very
quiet isn’t fair.

Kid sklz trick shots says:

Who else jumped when he opened the jack in the box?

Chase Butler says:

When Justin brought out the jack in the box I died

Molo Nation says:

+Jack Vale Films you are the king of awkward! lol

Andrew Lindquist says:

hilarious prank, Jack Vale is the king of pranksters

Jack Vale Films says:


Lama Jama says:

it was a JACK in the box….. that was a good pun right?

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