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Meet Joey. Joey hates cheesy jokes so his buddy decides to constantly berate him with the worst jokes possible. It’s so bad it’s good.
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JukinVideo says:

Anyone know jokes worse than these?

I Am A Book says:

Wanna hear a joke? Ok… Here I go… *ahem* Why do I like Big Macs?
Because why the fuck not. 

Cameron K says:

What’s red and smells like blue paint?

Red paint ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Macco Mac says:

Am I gunna be the first mofoe to comment this video of Ricardo being
retardo again?

Marth says:

Hey! Why doesn’t the camera man hold his camera sideways? He’s too much of
an idiot telling unfunny jokes.

chris W says:

Why is this channel becoming shit?

-Because of stupid videos like this

furyiiiplate says:

Joey is okay, but his friends are boring farts.

fetullah ydz says:

Who is gonna watch this and enjoy it, just delete this vid before everybody

In search of awesome says:

Oh fuck, just subscribe to Yo Mama.
Seriously worst video ever.

In search of awesome says:

Can someone shoot him in his mouth. Any one can be annoyed.

Don't worry Be happy says:

i thought it was pretty funny xD

Captain Capital says:

What’s big, black and round?


Noble Reach says:

Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil?
-because it’s pointless.

Why do they build fences around graveyards?
-Because everyone’s dying to get in.

What do lawyers wear to court?

adam man says:


PixelKnighty says:

Y comment disabled?

M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333 says:

He’s gonna get socked in the mouth eventually

Chamber1baby says:

I want to write some of this jokes down! I like corny :)

Noble Reach says:

Aw man I’m gonna do something like this to my friend

DjGalm says:

Ok I admit it. I had to rewind some of the jokes because I couldn’t make
out what he was saying.

Eric Carlson says:

why did the chicken cross the road? – because crossyroad

Daily PTC says:

Güzel ama ingiliççeeee

Chris Projahn says:


mrsnoo86 says:

What is the what’s what?

Dufffx3 says:

juste punch him lol

ReversalFan KND says:

What says a skeleton too a skeleton?

i have a boner.

Slug Life says:

I love these jokes lol

Daniel Selk says:

…oh brother…-_-

Marvcohen says:

I’m using all of these

Fooxfire Róka says:

0:46 Jurassic World 2 confirmed!!!

Sarah Walton says:

Like an afternoon with my little brother… LOL I need to call him now.

Khayey says:


“Cus they’re shelfish” lmao

*dude is playin timberman tho* 

markus kehrer says:

omg this is soo good! rofl :)

Wargroin says:

Jukin you’re trying too hard.

Ekrem Türkkan says:

Wtf … No hope for humans.

izik189074 says:

why you not sleep

DePue117 says:

Top 3
“2 fish are in a tank. 1 turns to the other and says, ‘How do you drive
this thing?'”
“Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? They’re really good at it.”
“What’s orange and rhymes with a parrot? A Carrot.”

GLENG 2000 says:

Why so many dislikes

uumfri says:

0:50 Exactly how I feel right now

Ivana7092 says:

ahahhahahha this is awesome

Larry Sigman says:

I got 2 original ones with me.

I saw your mother in a video game the other day.

The game was called Bus Simulator 2015.

szpirogyra says:

If I were him, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself bound and gagged in
a car over angel

87CrosbyPensMalkin71 says:

Those jokes weren’t that bad. I thought some of them were pretty funny

iLove CTFxC says:


Marvcohen says:

Did you hear about the constipated owl with laryngitis ??
It couldn’t Hoot worth a Crap and couldn’t Crap worth a Hoot

cesar ruiz says:

He is an ass hole not funny

Darkness_1116 says:

I’d go crazy

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