Bashing my Sister’s iPhone – Pranks on People – Funny Videos – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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Prank & Pranks gone wrong…Bashing my Sister’s iPhone – Pranks on People – Funny Videos – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014 ➨ If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already! 😀

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Bashing my Sister’s iPhone – Pranks on People – Funny Videos – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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SoFloComedy says:

Bashing my Sister’s iPhone – Pranks on People – Funny Videos – Funny Pranks
– Best Pranks 2014

taffyman17 says:


Steven Le says:

Ummm… was it weird that I thought he was playing Real Life Minecraft?

Jessica Lee says:

His come you couldn’t just bash the new phone, your an ass what if she had
some stuff on there she didn’t want to get rid of.

Cody Ginther says:

Bash your dads penis

skiddy8619 says:

When in the bashing mood, why not bash some windows?

William Shaw says:

Her tv 

gogeta vegito says:

No,its idiot phone basher

John Mark Butler says:

Your head

mohsen algrni says:

Big fat as** shiiiiiit :D

Tellthatruth says:

Your sister has some big, juicy, bubbly tits. 

Dukes Videos says:

why da mclovin would reavel it so quickly!? and shitty reaction too 0/69

Amaya Gates says:

Instead of bashing her phone I would’ve bashed the phone I bought her 

Unpwnable says:

he smashed his PC too
I want see that vid lol xD

kevin Rudd says:

her back doors.

SouthConcepts - Graphic Design Artist. says:

Bash your mums pussy, then see the reaction

Cemo67 says:


Adam Swanson says:

His sisters a little ho

Rawkiller playz says:

She was hot as he’ll

Damerzx says:

Should’ve basses it more

l3allinJames says:

this kid has problems. fucking faggot just smashes shit. I wish his
dad/sister would smash his shit, and upload it.

motor rider says:

Bash the new 1

VitalGamex says:

i would fuck the shit out of his sister and bash her pussy and make her ass
hole a new pussy

Faisal Al-Shareef says:

Wait for iphone 6 nigga.


Lol asshole thanks doe

ktire99 says:

stupid video…. its don´t funny…

Primeiro Último says:

idiot. i would like to have a phone like her old one

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

That Reaction was like he Taked the phone away for a Moment and his Sister
wants back.. But wtf

oozme Kappa says:

Smash her bed

mikkel nielsen says:

Maybe you dad ?

Tatum Daniels says:

Bash your face in.

Austin Chandler says:

Legit first

r276v says:

She wasnt very grateful for the new phone

tipfilmer says:

This video is so OLD

brightful5 says:

Didn’t make her sweat eneugh

Nathan Gamer says:


Erfan Tolou says:

He will probably earn the same amount of money on the monetized views on
his videos.

XxxMisterCesarxxX says:

This was lame and kind of akward -_-

ASVPFlacko says:

the most scripted prank on youtube

ryan paul says:

But did you back up her contacts first?

Washy Burny says:

Your head. 

raphaels33 says:

not sure if was real video or just Darude-Sandstorm.. XD

Keishiro (Andx56) says:

Inb4 she still loses all her data on the phone

rafael kane says:

buy me a now phone :P

huhhuhhuhwood says:

his sister is hot

MO GAINS says:

Your head on a wall. Bash your head on a wall

Demarkis Ramirez says:

BASH your dog
JK lol

Jewehelire Helire says:

Bash somebody computer

Veronica Cruz says:

Wat a mean dad

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