Best and funniest horse fails and videos compilation

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Horses are very beautiful and smart animals but sometimes they do really stupid and funny things. Just look what are all these horses in our compilation doing 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Tiger FurryEntertainment says:

New compilation about funny horses and fails!

HorsesnHooves19 says:

NONE of this is funny! The horse and rider are being hurt. People who think
this is funny are horrible.

No hate this is my opinion 

Haley Mountainstar says:

Ya know all of them horses what fell hurt them selves too it’s not funny u

ahoibin02 says:

The horses who fell backwards were probably just shaken up. They are big
animals, it will take more than a fall like that to hurt them properly. The
only exception is the one who fell in the street, that rider was incredibly
stupid if he meant to attempt that on a slippy concrete road.

Reagan Brinkerhoff says:

i mean 1:08

Star Gazer124 says:

The horses could have died from falling over backwords I mean that I am
more worried about the horse then I am the humans if you think that is what
I am saying you thinked right

Shirley D says:

This isn’t funny at all ! I saw a lot of mistreated and physically worn out
horses ! I’ve enjoyed your videos many times but if you find this funny I
will not be watching any more of them.

Äłÿśśá Kēphârt says:

1:05 Like Wtf XD

Ryan Ulver says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Mariza Barral says:

Hello Tiger FurryEntertainment, good morning! 🙂 may i ask for a permission
to use these funny horse videos? Im looking for some funny videos of horses
that we can use for our episode that will air on national television here
in the Philippines. The title of our tv show is Day Off in GMA News TV11.
We will put video courtesy from Tiger Furry Entertainment. It will air this
coming February 28, Saturday. Hoping for your positive response for this
request. Thank you very much! 🙂 -Mariza Barral, program researcher of Day
Off, GMA News TV 11 

Syrenity Libby says:

Never ever jump on your horse because the horse will dart believe me my
aunt dried and she fell on tar.

john doe says:

shit head lol 2:06

Imogen Lewin says:

When horses bare their teeth and show their gums, they r only trying to
figure out a smell they have never smelt before. that is not funny.

Rayan Vandenplas says:
Fleur Halligan says:

Ok fine!!!!! 1:46 was funny! But not when the horse falls!

Michel Raassing says:

de paarden waaren allemal briune paarden en
geen haflingers

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Io veramente coi cavalli mi starei attento,perché se non hanno voglia di
giocare diventano alquanto pericolosi,non fosse altro che se si ribaltano e
si va sotto,non so se si riescono ad avere le ossa tutte in regola.

Imogen Lewin says:

i have been watching so many of your videos and i find them really funny
but this video is not funny at all. You can see some of these horses were
mistreated by their owners and some of the riders hurt them self very badly
and they probably felt very embarrassed.I don’t find any of this funny and
i cant see how u can

Äłÿśśá Kēphârt says:

1:46 …….. Ummm

Reagan Brinkerhoff says:

on 0:57 i looks like he found his tougle

kz1000ps says:

How come you have three channels with like the same name?

Kawaii Spooks says:

I laughed when the horse pooped on the girl’s head

Cindy Giles says:

this is not funny

MissMonaManson says:

i really don’t know where this is funny…

Kirsten Bremner says:

Are u sick or something this can cause more then just an injury this can
break there legs or backs and they might have to be put done so not so
funny or a fail its just a fail for us humans

woodlen elf says:

I honestly don’t think this is funny, don’t you guys think of the horses?!

Patrick Lopez says:

This isn’t funny. These are serious accidents that come very close to
causing severe injuries to horses and people alike. 

Jade Sim says:

At 1:46, the horse it stressed out. Probably because it’s locked up in a
stable and it can’t go anywhere. Fair enough if it was on box rest but if
it wasn’t then, it should be outside in my opinion.

Alaina Bryant says:

they are not supposed to all be fails. Some of them are FUNNY

Omega cam studio says:


Fleur Sui says:

1;48 what happen?

Fleur Halligan says:

how is it funny when a beautiful animal gets put to shame!?

maryjo marks says:


Rebecca Gomes says:

not funny

Tanya S says:

Not funny when horses fall over backwards. 

Zion Chestnut says:

Laughing at stupid human!

etminecrafters says:


ChristineGaming AJ says:

This is funny? I do ride a horse in real life, it’s not funny when you fall
of a horse, i have falled down a horse, i broke my bones a few times. It
maybe is funny for you, who made this video, but try to ride a horse full
speed, and then try to stop it? I wan’t to see you laugh when you fall.
People get hurt by this and some of them EVEN die. If it’s serious.

David Baptist says:

Not so funny when the horse falls

lolman15953 says:


Angelie Warnest says:

this is not funny at all

Arablover2003 says:

This is not very funny.

2BlockPig says:

1:09 still better then miley cyrus

B.A.M.BINO 4 LIFE says:

0:49 how is that a fail?

ShadowLover9158 says:

horses kinda seem like dicks :o

Xoe Wild says:

That poor lady. It was suck trying to wash horse poop out of your
clean, nice hair. She may have deserved it though. I mean, what kind of
idiot crawls under a horse? AND SMILES WHEN HE POOPS ON

jiarizona says:


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