Best Beach Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

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Even when you’re relaxed on the beach, be careful because our pranksters are everywhere!
Here are our best BEACH pranks

Can’t click annotations?
Hat VS Buried Woman:
Obvious Perverted Man At Beach:

Gags are filmed in Québec. Originality, authenticity and joie de vivre… Discover more about Québec at

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

Because we all know the beach is the PERFECT setting for ‪‎pranks‬, here is
a little compilation of all our gags on semi-nude people!!

Duh Enlightened One says:

These were all very dangerous gags because the water and sand reflect more
of the sun’s dangerous radiation into people’s bodies causing premature
aging, cancer and death. I suggest doing beach pranks on cloudy days during
the winter months.

gyloir says:

I bet that last gag was Denis favorite gag…

Pir Pirat says:

Some gags in this channel are being a little too much pornographic lately.

Jane Park says:

This was posted on my birthday!

Mila Robert says:

Haha! My friend got PRANKED by Just for Laughs! I’m so exited to see it in
September. Montreal rocks!!!!!

Gyozomroka says:

You guys are absolutely genius. This is your calling in life. Before time
began, you were predestined to be put on this earth in the age of youtube
to make brilliant and hilarious pranks.

Just Berty says:

03:47 this girl is so cute

freezer 009 says:

Oh man very funny can’t stop laughing

Adrian Cervantes says:

no one cares what order your comment is in!

Random Commentor says:

Guys help me get to 50,000,000 subscribers by the morning then i might post
my first video

Wiipod says:

8:49 lol he gets away with squeezing her butt by faking he’s blind then
reveal it’s a prank 

Viki Malbohan says:

malo razonode ;)))

Stephen Hayes says:

I’m a skin cancer doctor. Plenty of work for me for the rest of my natural

Mohamed AlZaabi says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Mc lovin says:

some of this is harassment 

GTRufus | World of Racing Games says:

I see sometimes, these gag videos when I was in a plane. Some were really
funny :)

ff6947tw says:

Hello it’s funny

but can someone know the song in 04:10

what’s the background song called ???

thank you !

Ticho Koerten says:

This once of the best !

Christian Jiang says:

The girl at 08:28 isn’t respectful for blind people

Logi Wan says:

Looks like there were some old ones (pranks) in here

Promi X says:

7:23 what is that music, please? 🙂 BTW.: I love this pranks (subscribed!)

Ryan Presly says:

Many pretty girls. Its a pity they are all so dumb lol. Funny stuff!

Eric Sisouvanh says:

sexually harassing the women was ok because it was all for a prank… cmon
son! How is that ok??? 

April Mallery says:

You guys are always my FAVE! When ever I’m sad or bord your gags cheer me
up! Like all there vids 10000000000 times!!!! (if you could) and subscribe
100000000000 times!!!! (again if you could) :))))))

Gamer Bueno says:

5:35 Watch the eye of blond, what she is looking…

Coineach Pierce says:

All staged

TheX137 says:

pretending to be blind to grab women’s butts? sounds like a plan, lmao


In the second gag where MP asked sb to take a photo of her I am sure she
said: “to take a photo, just click this button ear” 😀 Btw. Nadia is

Cecilia Muchina says:

LoL they need to lose WEIGHT also SHAVE!!

AlitekBoricua says:

the best television show I’ve seen.

Chrib Mom says:

amazing laughing tears

syed yakub says:

Very very very nice Canada people

Sprunk Factory ™ says:

4:01 daaamn those 2

Fatty McFatFat Ghanoush says:

4:01 ❤️

lacid3231 says:

I envy blind actor…. 

stvillasquad says:

Stan lee used his spidey sense to notice the guy in the sand lol

Suvi-Tuuli Allan says:

Oh these tall blondes… They’re supposedly so hot but they have mannish
bodies, more so than mine. The one at 6:25 is cute. lol An interesting
prank. I’ve been in a situation where I’ve had to hide my things at the
beach. This one has a huge bulge, though. WTF? O.o lol What a
transmisogynistic society I live in. :(

Soul0Stealer ˑ says:

I clicked on this hoping to see the short blonde hair lady. Thanks.

Oussama El Mekret says:

Amazing !!!! :)


Best Beach Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags:


Piranha Tipple says:

Seriously with each gag I watch it just makes me all the wish to move to
Canada. You wouldn’t know any place in need of a custodian would you… 😉

mechislander says:

Best cure for a cold rainy day.

Cecilia Muchina says:

Love the parachute part

imhellag says:

Do people ever recognize the cast and crew? LOL if this is filmed only in
French Canada, I’d think some people would know yall.

Jesús Jesus says:

Sí únicos genios de la risa !

Zsolt Patonai says:

6:53 HULK :D

syed yakub says:

Very very happy thank u

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