Best Buy – SNL Highlight

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Two Best Buy employees are told they can’t work on Black Friday so they take it out on their coworkers. Subscribe for more:

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Best Buy – SNL Highlight


lisa rowell says:

SNL sux’s now not funny anymore i stop watching SNL over 10 years ago lol

Maeve Reily says:

Was the manager the guy who played peeta?

SHALL-0 says:

Lmao all the people “SNL SUCKS” Why did you click the vid?

Trent Diamanti says:

This skit sucks. 

Soccercrazyigboman says:

Every time I clock on a modern SNL skit, I hope it will be the one to make
me laugh. A day may come when an SNL video makes me laugh hard, but it is
not this day.

RavenRuled says:

As a flamenco guitarist I can sympathize with the guy with the nails.
Everyone thought I was a coke head.

Nancy Buckley says:

“What’s up w/Mandrew? He looks like he just murdered somebody! We get it
that you will murder us one day, but stop following us from job to job!!!!”

semperpee says:

How is this remotely funny?

Khonh lo says:

the whole Geeksquad thing is all wrong. Why in the world would actual geeks
be working at Bestbuy making $15-20hr when they can work at start ups for
$50-70hr? Beside, most of the Geeksquad aren’t really actual geeks but a
bunch of guys who only know how to turn on and off computer.

hyphySIN says:

jajajajajaj daammm….but how do they not get sued for using the company’s

NBC says:

#SNL Highlight – Best Buy: Two Best Buy employees are told they can’t work
on Black Friday so they take it out on their coworkers. #SaturdayNightLive

LittleRedZone says:

Mandrew remind anyone else of Ryan Haywood?

prettyboytwin11 says:

This is funny stop hating they are more successful then you 

CROY says:

Isnt he the guy who broke the screen because of the maze game?

Sir Kel says:

I thought the “3 Blind B*tches” Song was pretty funny.

SuperStig23 says:

This is a prime example of why SNL just sucks and has done for years.

Liz Kinghorn says:

if you were to be in this, what would they yell at you for?

Will Huang says:

Bad acting in this skit is real

Shannon G says:

Hey, mandrew why do you always kill people?!?

Jake Edmondson says:


Soccercrazyigboman says:

Names of the girls at 0:54 and 2:56. I need them to complete my final paper
for science and stuff

Aaron Maas says:

SNL is definitely getting better with the past few sketches I have watched.

Tori Walthers says:

This wasn’t funny

jane dow says:

Oh come you 2 don’t insult Ronald McDonald that fast food character I’ve
been to McDonald’s before and I got a kids meal and a bakugan toy when I
was a little child and McDonald’s is likely the best. As a teenager i was
in summer school that i didn’t do all this bad stuff in high school and
went to a field trip to the bowling Green Alley were the McDonald’s is at
the back of the street after the bowling trip we went to McDonald’s and I
ordered the MCnugget,French fries and Dr pepper. And wen I was at ucp we
went on a trip to the king plaza mall is was great I’ve gone there. the
time before my frist visit to the mall in utica and oh when I was ordering
the bacon burger it tasted good and then I lost my wallet when that happen
I think I really learned my lesson on not losing my stuff I will no longer
lose my props hope we don’t have bad luck on us ever again.

bella aylor says:

Planet of the apes looking bitches

ian pirrall says:

man, chubby Quentin Tarantino is mean. 

steve conn says:

Usual SNL youtube vid: Watch a minute, then go look for a MadTV sketch…

robeast9009 says:

This sucks now, horrible skit

Natrina Lawson says:

This skit premise is a rip of a MadTv ones back in the late 90’s. Nicole
Sullivan needs to be credited at the very least.

Megan Rae Prumbach says:

Josh at the end being dragged away XD 

alex benjamin says:

i find it strange that this stupid show is still on tv

Keith Carlson says:

I didn’t understand the Jessica joke, can somebody explain ty

Richard Day says:

not funny

Wesley Lin says:

lol this was funny?

Ibrahim cyrus says:

Hey does Edward from the skit look like Drift0r, or is it just me

Alexander Swift says:

Clicked this because I was interested as an Ex-Best Buy Employee. Gave up
on it about half way through when I hadn’t laughed, or even smiled once.
Haven’t watched SNL in years, and think it’ll still be a few more before I
tune in if this is what they’re pushing as “Funny”. Just awful.

Ryan Padgham says:

I heard that this guy played scary maze

Alhadje Abdallah says:

Can someone please tell me whats the satire in this

Larry Hood says:

After watching Timberlake and Fallon do the family feud sketch I considered
watching SNL again. This bit just convinced me not to. Terrible.

Kat Janzen says:

So funny I forgot to laugh…-_-

paul yoda says:

Best Buy Sucks

redconvoy says:

The people in charge at Best Buy have a great sense of humor. XD That was

punkybrewstar83 says:

…. the recorder…. she starts playing a recorder?!?…. I cant I
cant…. too too funny… I can’t breathe

pjbmo says:

Totally sucks. Nothing funny about white people talking black slang. Its
really kind of sad.

TheMagicPony98 says:

2:55 He’s looking down at her butt XD

asuramundos says:

I wish Todd worked at my local best buy T^T

Dboone l TheRealest says:

*sighs* i grew up in the late 90’s and it saddens me every time i see
keenan still on these fucking sketch shows. he needs to get a real career
or hang it up bro. it’s embarassing…

you’re supposed to START on these shows. not spend your whole career

Brain Dawgz says:

I died at the part when they played the song

gwmadhatter says:

When are they gonna cancel this rag of trash show it’s so bad now it’s not

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