Best Cute and Funny Animal Vines December 2014 [NEW HD VIDEO]

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Kelly Turtleroad says:

2. KITTY!!
5. SWAG!
then i was too lazy to watch the rest, cuz we are eating vissticks tonight

Tran Doan says:

Pooping one is like the best. I replay it like 10 times xD

Nicolas Eloy Santolalla Gonzalez Olaechea says:

Best Cute and Funny Animal Vines December 2014 [NEW HD VIDEO]:

Luka Andrejević says:

these animals are hilarious!!! :D

Player X says:

Better than “Try not to laugh” challanges =3

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Meraviglioso! La prima volta che mi capita di vedere un gatto devoto,che si
dedica alla preghiera a mani giunte.Mi sa che andando avanti ci aiuterà a
capire che a pregare non c’è da vergognarsi.

slater1ist says:

@5:42 that cat was annoyed, but too lazy to move. lol

jayne ball says:

I literally cried on the cute little kitten one SOOOO CUTE

enemy1191 says:

Those aren’t Vine videos :/

aly J says:

The first one is a spider monkey

Moni Escalt says:

Best Cute and Funny Animal Vines December 2014 [N…:

Tyler Holcomb says:

I would so hire the dog at 1:05 to be a DJ. 

Tristan Desilets says:

The ram at 4:03 though!!!

Ghdeer Abdalla says:

What the hell is the first animal it looks like a monkey and hedgehog
combined ?!

Niraiya Uzumaki says:

What’s the name of the song?!

Mariela Reyes says:

Ja ja ja ja que bello

Jeeryl Mae Bjørkmo says:

den hunden som danset med ørene var kjempe gøy!

LIZ LPZ says:

omg lol the cat poop

Bryan Chaj says:

Video 3 that’s what my dog do

Sariah jean says:

its an awwwwwww and a hahahaha

WhosChasingWho says:

you guys do great work, and i enjoyed almost every video in this
compilation, but not a single one was actually a vine. why call it animal
vines if they’re not really vines?

Julie Potter says:

sloth is so cute

Raquel Rodriguez says:

I love animals but I hate snakes

City Nature says:

Wow! The cat, who drinks water, is awsome! )))

Anthony Vong says:

There are no vines

Jeeryl Mae Bjørkmo says:

i mean its so funny video

George LeBlanc says:

so cute!

amy mauj says:

Love it sooooo much

Oliviajanecolleen Brandon says:


Garrey Jackson says:

UK KY jk

BeGi Travel says:

it’s ok

Bryan Chaj says:

Video 4

Marty Zialcita says:

so cute 

heothaman nguyen says:


Jeeryl Mae Bjørkmo says:

so funny moskus

Karel Filip says:


Marty Zialcita says:

so cute

Nicholas Woodlock says:


kerry flowers says:


Marie Smatlakova says:

Díky za úžasná videa…

Ligia Caldwell says:
Romelia Torralba says:
Marie Smatlakova says:

Best Cute and Funny Animal Vines December 2014 [N…:

Crazy NigeL TV says:


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