Best Fighting Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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Fat Policeman Division:

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

We’ve all heard it before: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR. But hey, when we’re only
pretending to fight and make you get a laugh out of it, it’s worth it!
Behold our ‪‎best of‬ fighting ‪pranks!

ILIKE! says:

I’m waiting for the…
“These pranks were dangerous because……..” Comments

Shutter Authority says:

Great pranks! Your annotations don’t work though. So the click here thing
is pointless. 

Rulix Campos says:

Si hay mexicanos aquí………..

No era penal

Sheogorath says:

All of these pranks are extremely violent and belong on LiveLeaks, not on

falcon lemo says:

il primo
first comment

Altruistic says:

Watching this is 60fps is so glorious..Btw is Epic old man still
alive?Havent seen him that much lately..

Prank Files says:

You made me laugh!!

Vika10 says:

JFL must have a washer/dryer hooked up somewhere close by to quickly wash
and dry cloths between pranking people))))) :P

Levi Jason says:

I see your pranks at the first time in my TV, Translate Hebruw, Israel.

Honeybadger Don't Care says:

The old ones were good. All they did was troll people.

Diq Hed says:

If I wanted to see fights I would go on WorldStar not here. These fights
are extremely dangerous not only to the victims but the actors as well. Im
very dissapointed JFLG would condone such violence.

Miami Ninja says:

How to win a boxing match against Canadians: Stand there and then make a
weird sound.

ZobsterZombie says:


ᙢᖇ ᗷᗩᘔᕼᗟᗩᗟᗴ says:

Hhhhhhh so nice video

Rulix Campos says:

I dont usually comment, but when i do……..

Dirk Elb says:

301 views 302 likes xD

tpammt says:

WARNING: These pranks were very dangerous because they involved negative
feelings from one person towards another. This may have resulted in an
elevated blood pressure, which is a risk factor for stroke and heart

Jennifer Taylor sweets says:

you guys are the best

Uchiha FXIA says: here . click here :))

Oli Jackson says:

That first prank though!

Avis Mercurii says:

Fuck the police.

allyna Quinto says:

Make a gag about kids smoking

The Aussie says:

Not one person has ever grabbed out their phone and started recording! If
these were real that would happen! Still funny tho!

BillyVlogsTV says:

Are they English or French?

Muammar Ishak says:

Suddenly that old guy shirt is so clean after that!!

MrCruzazultx says:

On the second prank…. So much water was wasted, a hungry child in Africa
could’ve ate that hose. 

bombjack2991 says:

glorious gags in 60fps

فؤاد سعيد says:

Que le nom de la chanteuse ?? 5:40

2 ĢĂMËЯ says:

1 coment اول تعليق تحياتي 

Hannibal says:

Well, i don’t see fighting anywhere

andy king says:

Thanks for making my day wonderfull

FuzzleLand says:

Click ear.

grabir01 says:

The Homosexual part was totally uncalled for. 

Jasmine Tubbs says:

Ha ha the grandad made me laugh 

Islam Religion says:

This was boring prank like if you agree :)

fit-ufo says:

That woman’s bust! O_O..I’m a woman but never seen one like

omenakookos says:

The first one was EPIC

Ancient Beginning says:

that boobs jiggles at 03:35

Rulix Campos says:

Darude- Sandstorm 

MrEricChima says:

3:34 that jiggle…

fit-ufo says:

I’m so glad to see the old man working from time to time and taking a break
from nursing home…lol

Anni Psy says:

Love u jflg

nadh2010 says:

Can you add subtitles please? I can’t see 

Sheila Nicole says:

Check out this video on YouTube:ijhfffgvcc Cc

kishor adbhai says:

Very funny 

Greg Hung says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Xinecraft (Official) says:

What happened to the wig prank video where the guy asks for directions in
his convertable and his wig gets stuck on a branch? I can’t seem to fin it
anywhere! Please help! 

BunderaKZT says:


Mohamed Salim says:


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