Best Funny Videos – Dogs scared of cats – Funny animal compilation

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Siham khaled Abbassi says:

Will, what can i say !!…This is the new generation of dogs that we all
can be proud of :D

XxMaritxX says:

The cats are thinking: LMAO PUSSIES

asancricket says:

that tiny cat is so cute

Mitsuki Lynn says:

2:30 hahahaaa no puedo creer que se asuste de un Gatito que apenas camina

Arina Vorona says:

Poor doggies…
Scared of cats !!! I feel so bad!

Claudia Del Villar says:

That’s so funny.

Jahvyn Glover says:

So cut and funny

Amy Nguyen says:

Omg this was so cute

Daniel Stark says:

Why do dogs seem to be scared of cats?

Ashanti Hall says:

my dog is not near this scared

Roberta Sherwood says:

Best Funny Videos – Dogs scared of cats – Funny a…:

Shugo Chara says:

mori con el perrote q le tenia miedo al gatito

Carmeluchiewe says:

the dog 2:30 is so cute :3

Catherine Connor says:

what happened I thought cat where scared of dogs

cyrusstoke11 says:

dogs afraid of cats, cats afraid of oranges, oranges afraid of dogs. the
circle of life :D

Terezka Udvardy says:

what name is this song ? 0:14

santiago agelviz says:

en serio un gatito tan pequeño le gana a un perro giganton 😛

William Henry says:

Love it¡!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!

joseph ojeda says:

What music

I am a Funny Video says:

New funny video! Thank you for watching!

Jaime Van Wey says:

that was so funny

Jen Cochran says:

So cute 

lovely liliy says:

the little cat was funny

Lynnea Jones says:

cats vs. dogs

So Ellie 217 says:


joseph ojeda says:

Is this

Sama Hojabri says:

I love cats

kprichos Ensenada says:
Jaga Jaga says:


Sama Hojabri says:


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