Best of Americas Funniest Home Videos

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Sashank Meka says:


Arunima Maheshwari says:

Best Compilation Everrr! xD

FantagePowerShock says:

On the last clip the karate kid is not scared of fighting but he is scared
of chicken 9:17

KeeniPie says:


baraksha1 says:

2:11 omfg this is so awsome lolololololololololol

jasmine tulz says:

that is funny

KegPatcha says:

Injuries doesn’t make me laugh.

ChickenInFireVideos says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

salma skalli says:

1:14 XD!!!

selena robert says:

So Funny . Haahahahahhah

baraksha1 says:

Man I love this song holaska from sonic unleashed day stage if I ware you I
eps chose rooftop run day stage

jeffrey leonard says:


NekoSamuraiBlader says:

@humourlesscomedian Holoska stage from the game Sonic Unleashed ^_^

Animemangakun says:

I laughed

baraksha1 says:


Miguel Is Not Nice says:

LOL the boy trying to kick the soccer ball!!

jeovanni sam says:

dis was nice

liayyaya says:


Percy Alvarez Sanchez says:

Spiderman it fatality… very very funny.

Kirasmatic Kitten Beyond Birthday says:

Funy, but why always spinning? Change it up!!!!!!!!!!

TheDiabloDavid says:

I laughed for like 2 minutes straight at 1:32 when it said “ARMY STRONG”

Misha Simon says:

amazing. so funny

baraksha1 says:

7:11 omg lololololol

Thea P says:

LMFAO!! This video deservs a lot more views!

CitizenSlyder says:

They say laughing makes you live longer, ima live forever

Heléne HarIngenMedAttGöra says:

0:52 – Hahaha ROFL!

Favaloro says:


MineCakes says:

These don’t make me laugh

SLCshows says:

Nice comp. Good job!

No lima says:

the part were the girl hit the house was stupid but then the horse hit her
back so ha GOOD JOD HORSE!

ilovemycatize says:

the part with the blue thing, I belive is taking place in Lake George,New
York, because I remember riding in it last summer

Chad Young says:

best video ever!

baraksha1 says:

5:46 omg lololololo

Alexucum says:

real spider man 6:29 i am in heaven with laugter

endcuber says:


baraksha1 says:

5:00 FEST AS LIGHNING lololol

Nicklas ö says:

7:48 – 7:52 i almost died of laughed lmao while rofl

electricLadyland says:

1:50 saved the beer! a man’s man

Kristen Johnson says:

My favorite music from Sonic Unleashed 🙂

Wasim Richard says:

cant stop laughing

Aldo Jakovlev says:

why do all of these include falling?

hazelisburning says:

not your own video you stole this off someone.

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