Best of Baby Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

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Who knew cute babies could also be some pretty good pranksters? Here are some of our best baby pranks!

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Blind Man Pees On People:
Evil Grocery Nun:

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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AmFilms123 says:

The babies are extremely cute!

بندر الروقي says:

. Ramadan mubarak.. I hope you get the chance to do the best you can in
this month

Duh Enlightened One says:

All these were very dangerous gags, but today I have to report on a racist
gag. At 0:32 selling a caucasian baby for $1200 was a very racist gag
because if you look closely, there is another sale tag in the background
that indicates they previously sold an African baby for $1100. Why is a
black baby selling for $100 less than the white baby?! This is an ABSOLUTE
OUTRAGE!!! Black babies should cost MORE money than the white babies
because many black babies grow up to play basketball or become rap stars
where they earn millions of dollars. Other black babies grow up to sell
crack which is also a high earnings career. The NAACP and Al Sharpton have
been notified of this injustice. I have a dream that one day all babies
will be equally priced.

Dark Moon says:

Best of Baby Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags:

Emily Brony says:


Umar Abdarazaq Ibn Tariq Najm Alfareed Berrestoon says:

Special: caucasian 6 month. pr tag 1,200$ xD

The Gaming Preadator says:

they are the pranksters of pranksters god bless u everday u make
me and my family smile thank u thank u so much 🙂 

driss eulminacereddine says:

احب كثيرا هده الافلام الرائعة

ZenCyclone says:

Just wanted to say. Thank you much for sharing these hilarious gags. I look
forward to each and every one you guys upload. You guys are the best! :)

aSASa45454 says:

How many of the sound effects that we hear are actually played to the
victims? Few? Most?

maha77 says:

I hope this child was promptly returned to the orphanage after this shoot.


billyblackburn87 says:

these baby pranks should be illegal 


Nézd meg ezt a videót a YouTube-on:

ProperSteeze Machinimas says:

2:09 “we spared no expense” 

Marianne Selguera says:

Check out this video on YouTube:uukk

Cort Fostr says:

I hate ads they screw up the video the video wont play because of the ad :(

Albania Shkoder says:

This is best gag i seen with baby and this is just a joke but if
you take it like that (Mr.Duh Enlightened One)as a racist then keep it,We
don’t know in our country someone selling babies ,If you doing in
Africa then is not suprise for you to see that in tvbut for as is
just joke which this two guys doing a great job.Sorry about that Mr. Duh
Enlightened One.We don’t know the word racist means .

ashleigh bonney says:

Its just so fake but i like it

Askar Amanzholuly says:

Nice hero…

Cry4Tango says:

Funny Gags.
I heard that Canada can be a racist country! Is it true? Judging from some
posts below, some comments are outright racist!

Michele Ardito says:

ahahahahahaha grandi :D

bouzar bouzar says:

Best of Baby Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags :

Li Ping Zhao says:

Is this how baby’s R made or is this were they get adopted im jk ik how
baby’s r made and were to adopt a baby

Draken Kartikay Kaul says:

The last one was so funny that I literally fell off my chair laughing.

Cecilia Ang says:

The first prank,is that their real baby?

sina loka says:

This is so funny

Nokubonga Zondi says:

Capt JT Kirk says:

She says click ear, he says click here. Which one should I do?

UPlayNetwork says:

lol, those babies are great pranksters 

Tabatha Chan says:
Valeri Sianov says:

4:25 ..
Smoke weed every daaaaayyy

Armando Martinez says:
Grace Jorolan says:

whatever babies are cute and the victims of these pranks are cute as
well… Look their facial expression, you probably laughed. ☺

Khadka Gurung says:

1st episode the baby is co cute

Shirley Garcia says:

Ishaan Joshi says:

@4:21 something fishy, it seems like that guy was given a cue to start

*Soldado Nuclear* says:

hello, greetings from mexico!! I always see your videos

Eduardo rodrigues says:

You guys are funny

token dinar says:

Very funny…best.

Eva Wade says:

Look at his face in 2:06

Deyanet Turan says:

Forever Caucasus !!!

Zek Star says:

I really hope there’s no babies injured during the filming?

Samer Mayahi says:

7:45 x’D

Din MS says:

You wonderful people at JustForLaugh are the best.
You’ve brought real joy and happiness to the world.
I am pretty sure you guys will go to heaven when its
time to depart from this world.
I love you.

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