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Is your beloved one acting strange all of a sudden? Relax, it’s just because she’s turned to our side and pranking THE HELL out of you!

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Shower Phone Sprays Their Face!:
She Has Two Left Feet!:

Gags are filmed in Québec. Originality, authenticity and joie de vivre… Discover more about Québec at

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

Is your beloved one acting strange all of a sudden? Relax, it’s just
because she’s turned to our side and pranking THE HELL out of you! Behold,
our best of‬ instant accomplice pranks!

agustrusher says:

0:26 – Would someone be so kind and explain to me what’s crawling out of
that woman’s cleavage? 

Mario SuperX says:

Liked before I’ve watched it. Why?
Because it’s Instant Accomplice!!! ^____^

Relex Graal says:

What? Where’s the army recruit prank? That’s the best one of these

The RickMaster says:

Why can’t the men turned to your side for a chance? Have the men prank
their loves ones.

Duh Enlightened One says:

Today is my day off unless I get enough thumbs up to persuade me into
reporting on the very dangerous gags in this video.

You’re all invited to the First Annual Commentcon 2014 Click YES so I
know how much beverages and food to buy.

Herman Yosef says:

2:40 she also surprised XD

Daekyung Yim says:

I like just for laughs Gags. thats good idea



Mariana says:

Instant Accomplice are the best because you never really trust a stranger,
but being fooled by someone you know is so easy XD

Ivan Conde says:

Pobre Mariachi 🙁 

Lola Garcia says:

DOLORES SEGURA GARCIA.Mirar todas las fotos de las fallas que son muy
bonitas y lo veréis muy bien.Saludos

eKko0 says:

1:42 those ladies should actually be worried, every guy smiled, fixed their
hair,loved it

IDA MadridNFRoses says:

Oh my God this was hilarious!°

ingrid izykowski says:

Lol I died laughing

Ivan Huang says:

These are brilliant! More please!!!!

Erepyon says:

You know what’s funny? The gag with the spanish musician, I have a similar
experience. I once dated this one girl for a brief moment, and one day,
there’s this kind of street musician playing near us, and she just told him
to go away and even pushed him into the street while muttering some foul
words. At first, I thought it was some kind of prank or a joke (I haven’t
watched this gag), but then I found out that it was real. She is “crazy”.
Broke up with her right away. 

TheRealDeal9045 says:

Suspicious that they only tell the females of the relationship to do the
prank. they probably think if the guy did it the girl might over react and
break up with the guy lol.

Daniel Iddo Abera Balcha says:

one thing that always baffles me…
I have been seeing these actors for the last maybe ten years, and I
wouldn’t miss anyone of them if I see them in town, even if they camouflage
themselves in some way….so, now I am becoming suspicious….are the
supposed innocent member of the public also actors?

XenobladeShulk says:

These are very dangerous gags because the man being pranked may not have
taken that gag so lightly and could have started a shootout in the area and
kill several innocent people. The male also could have gone home with their
wife and beat her because he did not like being pranked. This “innocent”
gag could be turned into a court case. Disliked and unsubscribed for
risking the lives of innocent people just for entertainment. You should all
feel ashamed.

Soran Muhammad says:

Undescribable . Thank you very much . 

B2oBa92iii says:

8:41 “YOU B..CH” !!!!!!

Fernanda Aguilar N says:

Best of Instant Accomplice – Best of Just for Lau…:

Pazu Kong says:

JFL at its finest. 

Azim Honest says:

You should make more pranks like this

Musictuxx says:

I always wonder what music is at 7:00

James Sunderland says:

LOL I had many laughs watching this!

Saptarshi Chakraborty says:

i love u guys… keep the good work up. Anytime when i feel low…. u just
bring me back to life

Duy Manh says:

Hi JFL. I’m a regular viewer from VietNam. I’ve watched this video many
times, again and again. It’s so cool and seems to be never boring. I showed
it to my friends and they laugh a lot, too. These accomplie videos always
really interest me. There’s something that i can say: i love you – friendly
Canadians, your culture, your beautiful cities and especially your sense of
humorous. If i’m given a chance to go abroad, i’ll surely choose your
P/s: i’m still waiting your new accomplie videos. Hope it be soon. Thank
you so much!

Antonio Garcia says:

let the mans do something

Julia Mendoza says:

I just lllllllloooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee your
Gags & pranks they are ssssoooooooooooooo


Great and very original I love your wholesome pranks ! 

Tanger Lagouira says:

Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

Shalissa McGill says:

Hahaha lol

Viet Quang says:

Omg really funny

Michilix9494 says:

2:59 😀 That expression says it all :D

idontcarei says:

black guy – 8:42 biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch..doesnt trust his gf

John Sanabria says:

thanks for making me laugh.

Tanger Lagouira says:

Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

P Jim MC says:

I die laughing cuz of this prank

Danh Le says:


Carsten Engel Immobiliengutachter Kamp-Lintfort says:

Verstehen Sie SPASS auf Canadisch.

Ali Hussein says:

I really loved this prank a lot…. thanks

carlos escobedogonzalez says:

HAHAHAHA! very good joke


Love it you guys are awesome 

leahsha silvers says:

I love the pranks where you make couples prank each other. It is more
realistic. Keep up the good work! Love your videos (: 

Anil Kumar says:

very – very funny,,… keep it funny… I always wathch ur videos…. You
people are so creative… God bless all of u..

Harry K says:

I love ur whole team…u all are fantestic….make me lough every day when
i watch ur episode…i really wanna meet with u guys…doing great
job….god bless u…

freezer 009 says:

Really funny just enjoy it

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