BEST SCARY PRANK FAILS & Funny Videos 2014 Epic Fail Compilation

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Funny Videos 2014 – Fail Compilation – Funny Pranks – Funny People – Funny Clips – Funny Fails
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Tek Solstice says:

“You so stupid I just got my hair did!”

You’re a fucking moron lady. Don’t ever have children please.

Sierra Aguilar says:

That train horn is illegal 

d Smith says:

she just got her hair did? she should ask for her money back!!!

jamilla hancox says:

I just got my hair did. Wow

Marcus Herron says:

That guy in the chair getting so much booty .3.

TrollingStationTV says:

Funny Videos 2014 – Fail Compilation – Funny Pranks – Funny People – Funny
Clips – Funny Fails

Astro Pineapple says:

Good video until Sam Pepper came up

OLGMC says:

6:21 so theres a restaurant with the name,’eat’ . Someone please give the
creative person who came up with that a raise!

Bjorn Cattell-Ravdal says:

Oh my god you so stupid I just got my hair did

Azrael says:

that last clip :DD

TREVOR gameplays says:

silvio santos é tão bolado que até os gringos pagaram pau

Miss Sour Lemon Head says:

That girl who had the wet hair makes a good couple with the guy who pranked
her and piad for it

Morris Falker says:

3:00 Those guys throwing their handbags around LOL

jesse waite says:

I Just Got My Hair Did What A Stupid Cunt .

King Of Funny says:

When you see something like this, ask yourself, was that necessary?

qwerpoiuROX says:

Anyone know what the last prank is from?

{Tiessialdo } says:

That guy at 2:12 is doing so cool but screams so loud that my headphone did
explode .

Gerry Clyde says:

That couple in this video are fakes.

Jelle Verwaal says:

The blonde girl at 9:09 is cute :$

Shaye Murray says:

You suck such a copyright loser

david the pro says:

5:40 R.I.P xD

elizabeth alvarez says:

LoL look what you did

Paul Bosten says:

These aren’t even fails dude.

chee lee says:

Thigh cute huhsryiguostbuidquofuoset

Paige Benoit says:

9:42 wtf 

Diego Veytia says:

min 2:13 … pussy ! JAJAJAJJA

Ghostsmasher452 !!! says:

R.I.P donut poor poor donut 

Zachary Farley says:

4:22 nipples hooot hoooot

Sanzhar Kopobaev says:

R.I.P. Donut)) LOL

mmmpunta says:

the best min 9:36 hahahaha

King Of Funny says:

3:34 nip slip

LagamzerGIRL says:

HOW DARE YOU D’: R.I.P Donut :(

Jamie Bradley says:

So funny 🙂

Lee Brewster says:

Pvp Saaan

InFlazHd Gaming says:

Lol the last one backfired 

Gauthier Munoz says:


Maria Rivas says:

Love the chucky one

Zachary Nolen says:


kenner Arley Osorio Alvarez says:

q caja

Tabia M says:

Tabia your funny

Gaming Crysis says:

The last one is the best counter prank ever

James Kendall says:

little titty at 4:34 almost goes unnoticed

diana saucillo says:

PVP son fans



aleena ali says:


heini pups says:

geil, thx

shamseer shamsudeen says:
Hayden Hollomon says:


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