Best Scary Pranks Compilation 2014

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Best Scary Pranks Compilations Of July 2014
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Brandon Smith says:

I am all for scaring and pranking random people, but dont do it to people
looking for a job or on an interview. Unlike most of the lazy people that
live off the government these people are actually trying to get a job and
you prank them. Defeinetly not funny, hopefully after the prank is over
they have a real interview. 

Saverus Ballz says:

pranking while people are pooping?? That is just out of line. I’ll punch
them in the face. 

Jay Lacky says:

You don’t have people drive down and get pranked for what they think is a
job. I hope these interviewees were paid.

VoltageLP says:

Where’s that girt with impressive breasts?

Ole Madsen says:

I wonder how many killers just say “It’s a prank” to calm down the victim
(or just for the fun of it) and then proceed with the killing. 

Diana Bravestorm says:

6:12 did i just hear a fart? o.0

Sohail Mansorry says:

Scaring him was one things, but slapping that poor sod after he lost
consciousness? Was just evil.

TheFubbick says:

How is getting your hand wet and rubbing it violently over someones face
going to wake them from unconsciousness?
Isn’t it better to splash some of that water right on him instead?

VoltageLP says:

ХУЙ ХУЙ ХУЙ!! 1:24

unnamed715 says:

How are you gonna scare someone while they’re taking a shit? That’s just
not cool man. :/

si matley says:

first one is so damn funny, he was in deep shock lmfao

muhapsun Sr says:

offer someone a job and prank them?well you just being an absolutely

Taco Shock says:

So were is this girl in the thumbnail supposed to be?

Lukas Dunaway says:

3:54 assssss crack!

TheSharkarian says:


TheShadonNight says:

i have been in these situations before, one must condition themselves to
remain calm.

Jake Tragultanasub says:

Can’t stop laugh at the begin

Song SB says:

9:35 Nice punch lol

DeeathStarr says:

хуй на хуй на)

leshka180 says:

хуй на …..хуй хуй хуй

MyFacefaceface says:

7:32 he’s like daaamn a nigga ain’t ever gona get a job!!

Africans King says:

love the first one

Tricia Jean says:

The interview prank was by far the funniest for me, was it the same for you

Chode nificent says:

dont do this in the hood you will get shot 

yvonneost12 says:

8.25 do people actually turn up for a job wearing shorts and ” sandels ”
??? really !!!!!!!!!!!

Younes bernström says:

So im not the only one sitting on the toilet playing angry birds on my
Iphone xD

Gandalf The blue says:

7:25 i just hate this fat guy

blockgamer123 says:

2:52 playing angry birds XD

Hans Bahnhof says:

3:13 haha angry birds best toilet game :D

Zachary Cupit says:

Lol slap that box

shane milner says:

Check out my buddy getting the soul scared out of him on my channel. It
really is a must see!! 

Christopher Russell says:

Did the lady fart at 6:12? Hahahahaha!!!

noodlesRawsome24 says:

What video is the thumbnail from?

Ronald Hanlon says:

What the fuck a full-grown man pass out are you for real

Nisdrid Bik says:


Nite Shyamalan says:

Most of them were staged.

Water Challenge says:

allllll staged.

71PegasusPictures says:

7:35 Troll face

DSN107 says:

they were pissed off it wasnt a real job interview lmao

RagingRaven88 says:

Hey prank at 3:50 just because you are scared doesn’t give you the excuse
to not wash your hands. 

Thomas Zielinski says:


Edwin R L says:

Dude make sure you give me a job or I will prank you too

ppbbgay says:

ur stupid game

Julius Caesar says:

0:40 oeps something went wrong

All4fun says:

@ 3:20 Angry birds is now Scared birds

Enzo Miguel Bokingkito says:


Peddinti Bobby says:
Андрей Ляхов says:

хуйим нам ахахаха

kevin marcillo says:

69 likes OuO

Scare Archive says:

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