Best Scary Pranks of 2014 Compilation – Dm Pranks

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Killer Clown Scare Prank!
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Zombie Axe Attack Prank!

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HeadFlex says:

Can you please make a Video about the reactions of the people when u say
them it was just a prank? Would be very cool ;)

Sleedy Boy says:

Ку- ку епты:D Тут русские есть? 

Ruby Bell says:

Please put subtitles, I’m blind

Carnage says:

*YO I love DM pranks and they have inspired me to also make a santa zombie
prank, Please check it out on my channel and show some support, I made it
more crazy than DM Pranks!!! Please check first before hating hah 🙂 x*

Clockwork Cyborg says:

omg dmpranks is hacking youtube views at this moment in time 432 likes

frechapple says:

Im just happy to life in Germany.

seamus cumminsreid says:

this is not funny this is fucked up if this was you you would shit yourself
its honestly not funny

PK TV says:


Vadrid Hunter says:

I might be a skinny guy but if someone comes out of a bathroom stall with a
chainsaw I know I would start kicking and punching, that 1 guy just got on
the ground with his hands up and started crying like dude come on defend

TPS says:

*Best Compilation Video! Who agrees?*

Sabrog Nomad says:

В какой стране это происходит?

zonkeys9000 says:

☁️ ☀️

☁️ ✈️

☁️ ☁️

/ |

Tiko says:

What if someone who was pranked by them saw this video?

DmPranksProductions says:

Enjoy ! 

Charlie Oliver says:

The amount of times you would have been sued if this was real.

Crackerbecker | I LOVE MY SUBS! 〈3 says:

*Fantasic! look my nice videos! Thank* 😉 #Crackerbecker 

Alan Sampaio says:

Vocês são muito Bons. Parabéns

MatiPlay says:

Jesteście zjebanymi debilami,
You are poop, stupit, bitch

Аня Демченко says:

А как чувак на 2:20 предметы передвигал?

ThebestMac says:

Da denunciare guarda…..è intollerabile….

Artyom Komissarov says:

why, перезалили? (не знаю как сказать это по английски)

Goskoron says:

ma come li fate i costumi? Fate voi?

AJtv says:

Love your stuff, would be a huge favour if you could check out our channel
for quality pranks and content from down under in Australia!

Milan Košárek says:

What is funny on this videos its illegal scare people. Dislike for me. You
should be ashamed and you should stop doing it.
/ sorry for my EN

сергей сверидченко says:

как так не навижу клоунов

dyon ewals says:

killer clown prank 5?

Yaroslav Borodaikevych says:

Русские пидарасы!!!! Россия говно страна

Willy Vasco says:

HAHAHAHAH mi fate morire (se mi fate uno scherzo a me le prendete)

Isabelle gulbransen says:

What do you guys do with all the stuff people drop?

Oscar Palmero says:

В Рашке кто-нибудь достал травмат или нож, и в лучшем случае, актеры были
бы в реанимации.

Ethan Mitchell says:

This is in russia right?

Saqib Hussain says:

that prank with guy in toilet… was TOOOOOOOOOOOO far!… thats can give
someone a heart attack!

Hailey Babi says:

Do these pple get Paid to do these elaborate ass pranks, or What?.. cuz
this is alota hassle to go thru to scare pple & u not gettn paid 

MatteoKzTv says:

Ma siete italiani ???
No perche non capisco 

Misfitstrio182 says:

Fantastic! Especially the one on the toilets is brilliant more of that

goshanich3 says:

Hi guys, I’m from Russia, I really like your video
thank you))

Evelyn Monroe says:

6:18 is not funny…

mark catalan says:

we want more pls. =D

henry kingfire says:


MinecraftGamerITA says:

Ciao sono anche io italiano mi fai schiattare dalle risate.di dove

Jayden Thean says:

oh god if i see a clown looking at me like that i will just ran the fck
away from town

tizio x says:

Oddio, non vorrei mai essere vittima delle vostre candid camere 

jml fmm says:

The prank of the clown is the best

Евгений Карпюк says:

алё есть кто

Tiểu Bá Vương says:

Can you share the sound effects?

Jakob Truong says:

1:34 Earphone wearers Beware and caution.
You will thank me later..

Andrew Arcos says:

Can you guys put more killer clown,videos because they are hilarious and

Marcel Rodriguez says:

They would have been shot so fast in america.

charlesoundcar says:

Kkkk os gringos são fodas

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