Best VINES Compilation 2015 w/ Titles | Funniest Vines January NEW

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Best New Vines - Weekly Vine Compilations says:

Hope you all enjoy the 1st Vine compilation of the year! Which Vine was
your favorite?? 

Best New Vines - Weekly Vine Compilations says:

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Amizingwolf5599 says:

whats the song at 4:33?

Amir Lakok says:

Man, Brandon’s vine really sucks. He doesn’t know how to act

Invader Zim says:

Anyone else hate the chick at 5:40? I’m not jealous but she’s just always
showing off and it’s annoying

Hermiche Elongo says:

this is halarious i think

HaxorousTheRaptor says:

I think with the year changing, people can’t sleep on the first day of 2015

jamia white says:

I like the one at 4:09

Jaeden Fiocca says:

Daz black is so fucking stupid and not funny

Alexia Geiger says:

Scottysire and Brandon calvillo …………………. so fing

sneaker freaker says:
Ashten Finley says:

The song at 4:33 is Darude- Sanstorm.

TheCoolStuffHD says:

Did anyone see that troll face at 7:28??

(Inactive) Christopher-P 2 says:

What is the music at 4:31?

李乖乖 says:

Let’s get crazy for New Years is very funny(A girl——-throw the plate on
the floor——-Made the parent shit)

Adrienne Beauchene says:


Golden Freddy Gaming says:

3:25 haha, like he went to the gym ;)

thesims3gamergirl1 says:

1:46 YO ISN’T THAT AN EMINEM SONG unless it just sounds like it then I’ll
go back to my shell ‘-‘

Erik Meza says:

song at 4:30 

Mikel Jorden says:

whas song at 0:57

IIWariorII (SuperspartanWarior) says:

2:01 whats dat song

salah alhushia says:

What is the song in “every new year resolution max jr ” vine??

Skyler Vampiar says:

1:35 lol

Tally Summers says:

+Brandon Calvillo is hot ❤❤

Joumana Pierre says:

what is then song on 4:34

Life Communities says:
Cassandra Laamann says:

Last one was the BEST

Sebas Ozuna says:

Song of 4:33 ?

Cinder Lux says:

BigNik oh my god he is so hilarious i was dying with every vine -_- how is
that comedy?

nina Henderson says:

I want a lion so bad. But I will get while its still a cub.

awwab23 says:

What I don’t get is Ricky Thomson Gay voice!!! 

Kristina M says:


TutorialsBy Teo says:

Rickey Thompson annoys me so hard… Is he gay ???

Aaron Klueh says:

Song at 2:02 from brandon that f u song at the end

Amber Van Blyderveen says:

Ok for you’re information us Canadian don’t say sorry that much like
seriously stereotypical much eh

Rendeeroo johnson says:

4:30 song name?

Jordan Reynolds says:

7:16 I mean

Gamer Player1810 says:

We all know Branden Bowen didn’t go to the gym

DontDreadOn Drew says:


Frances Maisonet says:

Katie ryan is adorable and she makes me laugh all the time

Jabar Henv says:

They killed it at 5:45

Superninjagirl says:

barley no one watched it

jason glenn says:

Gay gay

Brooklyn Mio says:

Yea!! I’m not alone! I thought that I was the only one who thought Taylor
Swift said Starbucks lover.

justine aurelio says:

2:39 Pause she looks like the kid who danced in a football or baseball

alejandro godinez says:

Wow didnt know they made jackingoff vines thos dudes turnd homo

Isabella Kennedy says:

song at 4:33 ?

Volatile Dark says:

Same !!!!!!!!!
Vines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miloud Achahbar says:

Hi! My name is Jeff. I am 21 years old and my birthday was about a week
ago, i still have a watermelon inside a watermelon, but i hate watermelon,
so if you want sum, i’ll give it ya

GamerHUN91 says:

What the song at 4:33 ?

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