Best Wild Animals Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

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You don’t need to go to the zoo to be close to wild animals, they are now everywhere thanks to JFL!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

Because animals can ‪‎prank‬ just as well, if not even better, as human
beings, we give you today’s usual ‪‎best of‬ wild animal pranks! Roar!

Duh Enlightened One says:

This is another dangerous gag at 10:45 because the swinging ape could miss
the target and wipe out the entire table of bananas which will lead to
masses of people slipping and falling on the banana peels.

Hector K - L says:

I wonder how many laughs you have caused… over 10000000!

Ahmad Fadli says:

amazing how people actualy stop to see the “invisible” tiger..

Prank Files says:

The animals were fake

McDoomerkin says:

What would have been perfect here for the invisible tiger gag is after the
tiger roars, the cage door swings open :P

Frank Jacobs says:

Wild Animals

radenko fanuka says:

Check out this playlist on YouTube:r

Kaylee Rodriguez says:
Hans Wurst says:


Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit, mit Ruhe und Gemütlichkeit
jagst du den Alltag und die Sorgen weg.
Und wenn du
stets gemütlich bist und etwas appetitlich ist, dann nimm es dir egal von
welchem Fleck.

Was soll ich woanders, wo’s mir nicht gefällt?
Ich gehe nicht fort
hier, auch nicht für Geld.
Die Bienen summen in der Luft, erfüllen sie mit Honigduft,
und schaust
du unter den Stein, erblickst du Ameisen, die hier gut gedeih’n.
Probier mal zwei, drei, vier.
Denn mit Gemütlichkeit kommt auch das Glück zu dir!
Es kommt zu dir!

Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit,
mit Ruhe und Gemütlichkeit
vertreibst du deinen ganzen Sorgenkram. Und wenn du
stets gemütlich
bist und etwas appetitlich ist, dann nimm es dir egal woher es kam.

Na und pflückst
du gerne Beeren und du piekst dich dabei,
dann laß dich belehren: Schmerz geht bald vorbei!
mußt bescheiden aber nicht gierig im Leben sein, sonst tust du dir weh,
du bist verletzt und zahlst
nur drauf, darum pflücke gleich mit dem richt’gen Dreh!
Hast du das jetzt kapiert? Denn mit Gemütlichkeit
kommt auch das Glück zu dir!
Es kommt zu dir!

nameofthepen says:

OK. I admit it. I laughed. Well, actually, I laughed a lot! Thanks,
guys. :D

Treasuretrails RS says:

That female cop is so fine, I paused the video and had a quick wank. I
wonder how tight her asshole is?

Sergio Zanganelli says:

Sti canadesi sono proprio bravi nelle candidcamera, mison sbellicato dal

Dillan Montgomery says:

Defiantly should have more views and likes ;)

LegoUniverse14 says:

Wow. I really wish I could read lips haha

Luis Felipe Vegaso says:

The elefant pink is real or fake?

balqis wilson says:

Just For Laughs , Best Wild Animals Pranks , thanks….nov .6th .2014 , 11.

N . Lockwood says:

This has just made my day!.XD

TheCheungDan says:

i love the pig elephant prank

Oliver Frischknecht says:

Just too funny. :)

JiruT2 says:

Brilliant :-))

Jeremy Yoder says:
DatSniper FTW says:

All I heard was Bear Nessities in the backround

Geraldy Delfín says:

solo por estos videos me gustaria conocer canada 

Himmi Bear says:

1th comment

Domonkos says:

This is the best PrankParod Channel i subscribed

Hr. Benitez says:

Gracias por las carcajadas!!! Saludos desde Perú

warnpassion says:

The homo sapien prank was the best. LOL

Angelina Tran says:

OMG I think I just saw an another troller at 12:37 I can’t believe someone
would do that!!

Katie Delzell says:
Salka Muhamad says:


thamvong diencuong says:
TheX137 says:

lmao, i love the ones with the gorrilas

t dub says:

Is this what the Frenchie consider funny?

Bruce lee says:

Don’t put animals in cage.Nice lesson learned for human beings.

Duh Enlightened One says:

This is a very dangerous gag because at 5:14 when the woman kisses the ape,
she will then want the ape to buy her jewelery and flowers and chocolate as
they stroll hand in hand through the mall. She will then enter into a
sexual relationship with the ape which will lead to the woman getting AIDS
and HIV and other monkey viruses. Eventually the Ape will break things off
with the woman when he is deported back to Africa, leaving the heartbroken
woman no choice but to find love with humans,and thus spreading her AIDS
and monkey germs to humans leading to a mass pandemic.

Onovo Christian says:
Ahmed Mirza says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Mohame Safeek says:

I love gags so very nice 

VideoMasher3000 says:

You know you have a lot of money when you can afford to rent a trained,
fully painted, and quiet elephant in the middle of Quebec just to make a
Youtube video.

Lucas Johnson says:

I like the prank where they lured someone into a cage and trapped them. It
demonstrates how animals feel when the are locked up in a zoo and no one
will let them out.

Sophia GreekDirectioner says:

Is this real Elephant? :O

Leonardo Shichibukai says:

fue chevere la del tigre invisible muy original!

MrDoraemon1996 says:

Last comment

djrjrjr djdjdj says:

Check out this playlist on YouTube:juicy


Best Wild Animals Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags:

Gerardo Reiba says:

I bet someone slapped that thing 4:37

Connor Logan says:

i guess you could say *puts on glasses* pink elephants are on parade


Smiley Spot says:

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