CAN I GET HEAD? – Pranks on People – Funniest Prank 2014 – Social Experiment – Best Videos

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funny pranks & best pranks..CAN I GET HEAD? – Pranks on People – Funniest Prank 2014 – Social Experiment – Best Videos ➨
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CAN I GET HEAD? – Pranks on People – Funniest Prank 2014 – Social Experiment – Best Videos

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RedzHD says:

That Asian chick had a booty

MEEG0L says:

dat asian girl with the booty shorts doe

oBlair65o says:

I’m known for that kinda stuff 

starlet russe says:

The third girl who said she had a bf is a porn star. Evanni solei. 

Hans Pavel says:

actually, bastard is a child conceived outside of marriage.

Tyler Masse says:

Love the Real Friends shirt!

TheRISINGbananas says:

That ass on the one girl but she had the most ugliest face ever so boner
turn down put a paper bag over her face god 

peter dudziak says:

this guy makes money off of copied videos!!!


Jim O'Sullivan says:

MW3Steam all you do is re upload other videos that people made and make
money from it. that’s pathetic bro

Dan0101010101010 says:

hes got big balls

Arielle Matthews says:

that girl that was talking with the guy about the fireman and the hoes
she wasn’t very bright..

Child Of Christ Of Israel says:

Mm i love this man

Ellis01234567890 says:

Holy shit… That Asian girl actually had a really nice ass.

xGeN07 says:


aakash poudel says:

Like of u can hear randy organs song in this video

KarkOG says:


Shady Gaming says:

00:46 sideboob 

Dr. Venture says:

Walk up to a big guy….a Manly looking guy…and say “homo”
…pause…..(before they say what) say…..”say what?”

Kyo Mocho says:

4:40 WTF!!!! LOL that guy was for real?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL $20 for head from
a guy?!?! NASTY MAN

al bundy says:

Funny how this guy in the beginning of this video is talking about
“CockLover” and although I cant mention his name but this guy is BISEXUAL
He sucks cock! According to my neighbor he swings BOTH ways! sick
bastard!! My neighbor has pictures of this dude sucking cock!!! I grossed
out when I seen them because I thought it was a joke but NO JOKE! Pathetic

Noah Opperman says:

That song in the background was animal by three days grace

مصطفى يوسف الكفائي says:

خرب بليس بل العراق تتنوعلهة كبل الشرطة لو بشحاطة وهية زبالة عودد نفس
الاجانب يبو هههههههههههههههه7

Danny Cunningham says:

He has a real friends shirt. That’s wonderful 

Grenade Catcher says:

that black girl was DTF

Brandon Smith says:

you should walk up to a old lady and say can I knock the dust off of your

Chocolight51 says:

Haha the old dude at the casino asked if it felt good hahaha wtf

Daniel Jones says:

The second one is porn star Evanni Solei

Waseem Khalil says:

That gay fag at the end

Lil Nug says:

If you ask a black guy a series of prank questions, he will fight you. If
you ask a white guy, he will make you uncomfortable by answering the
question seriously. “I’m known for that kind of thing”, “That’s what a cop
would say”, white people are crazy 

dean brouwers says:

I came fpr this channel for al the gta 5 glitches and stuf but now you make
this channel so bad you re uploud videos so mutch and the only thing you
think about is making money .
Iam sorry man but it is a crappy channel right now.

Hateful By Nature says:

that last guy, omfg, ha ha.awesome, ” lets go!”

Bone Wax says:

damn i would pound that ass in the shorts

Saidee Allen says:

Love the real friends shirt. #sebk 

Keoni Anderson says:

That was some funny shit. This dude executes his pranks well and doesnt get
his ass beat because of it.

Ninjago Master says:

what’s an asa akia?

Modus Operandi says:

Now I have to watch Asian porn…

Jason Samuel says:

0:32 that girl is a pornstar. Evani Solei

Mark Allen says:

Wow that guy at the end was like ok let’s go now like all serious. Luckily
it didn’t go wrong though. Dat ass though. 

SkAtE4LyFe95 says:

diggin’ the real friends shirt

The Gaming Acid says:

“I know you will give the best head”

Joshua Nguyen says:

proof that not all Asians are bright

MrDelacruise says:

Hahaha all the guys straight or not were like yeah fuck it this is Vegas
BaaaaaBey I’m gonna go so fuckin crazy im going to fuck a strange guy in a
public toilet!!! Later that week back in the office thinking what the fuck
just happened Saturday night, I’m not even attracted to men men and I have
a wife and kids??? Cocaine is one hell of a drug!!! 

LittlePranksters says:

If you can support me it would be very nice
I do weekly prank with my friends.
If you could subscribe and support us it would be really appreciated

Gaeuvyen says:

That one guy actually wanted to pay him 20 dollars for sex XD

joseph graziosa says:


Rodney Rodriguez says:

Holy crap lmao that guy at end was ready to spend his $20 hahja 

ChickenGuys says:

69 means the star thingy of a crab

paul mow says:

unbelievable HAHAHAHA

Jonathan Terriquez says:

Like a gust of wind #best

Lasto1766 says:

4:46 WTF

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