Celebrity Photoshoot (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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Celebrity Photoshoot (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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TrashteamSWE says:

Who submitted this video?

OLegendStudios says:

I actually think the 2nd girl looks more like Paris Hilton. Great prank
though :)

mastergamer591 says:

Huh, social experiments, more like trying to make a living off youtube.
It’s boring and cliche how many people do this. Putting “social experiment”
when it’s just a prank. 

NickiFlawlessMinaj says:


Darkus Owl says:

Why turn the camera off? Is he police? Keep filming him.

BoneGamers says:

When it was Selena Gomez thats not her in pic… that girls from a show
named like pretty liers

Jrion says:

Lame as fuck.

DumDieDumb says:

0:56 That guy looked so majestic with all the birds flying around him :o

mtndewdev says:

I think the person he called miley cyrus was a guy Idk lmao

ibotibo says:

He got told at the end

orangepeel dolan says:

Fuking lost it at red robin LMAO

James Little says:

White people are mean :'(

Lana Hamerlitz says:

That picture in the corner of selena gomez it wasn’t selena it was lucy
hale ahahah actually that pic was taken during the PLL so it was Aria

walker..texas..ranger says:


RealRks says:

ewww thats a man

Noelle Martin says:

Did anyone else realize that when he said selena Gomez it was a picture of
another girl ?

KingDavid says:

Wow the second girls Adams apple was bugging me

Jaime Izquierdo says:

The homeless man looked like chuck Norris old

crunkjuiceful says:

This wasn’t funny…. This prAnk is lame

Timon Cassillas says:

That wasn’t a picture of selena gomez…

Michael Cygnus says:


SweettieeGirl says:

This would be funny if they looked like the celebs. These people are the
total opposite

Glamx02 says:

That wasn’t selena Gomez that was Lucy hale but they do look alike but
seriously u can defo tell the difference !!!!!

Selma Özdere says:

The picture of Selena is actually Lucy Hale

Dilara SW says:

Lmfao Selena Gomez picture was wrong

K1ngBacca says:

Those 2 blonde girls were hot as fuck

Rachel Gregory says:

That stupid

Ciaran Defferd says:


Ding Dong says:

too bad u are over-acting. stop trting so hard u jerk

Justice Holybee says:

17th view

Pierce Sivgals says:


Rachel Gregory says:

The picture in the corner was not Selena gomez

Hustleup_ Kilo says:

Was tht a transvite

Ush Slime says:


SoFloComedy says:

Celebrity Photoshoot (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks
– Best Pranks 2014

Khris Frias says:


josh whyte says:

this one isn’t funny, its just annoying

angelitos kahane says:


Football FutureHD says:

What kind of dumb prank is this.

NiGHTWOLVE22 says:

That’s in Adelaide right??

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:


Ceetreex says:

don’t eat chees burger 

shawn ray sebastian says:


Dilan Kader says:

That was shit as fuk!!!!

MrLeon says:


max cisneros says:

Do more pranks

pam symonds says:


Kaylee Jordison says:

you should’ve said for the last girl iggy 

Ray Ban says:

SoFloComedy, this one is HORRIBLE. WTF?!

Paublo Picklepaper says:

Haha. Thanks for subscibing? Lmfao!!!

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