Chainsaw Massacre Prank!

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Thumbs Up For Part 2!!
Behind The Scenes:

Its that time of the year again… I decided to team up with Nick Santonastasso to help me pull this brutal prank…This is definitely one of my favorites.

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Thanks To Kevin Brueck

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Thanks so much dude..Cant wait to work with you again!!!

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VitalyzdTv says:

10 Million Views in 2 days..Thank you guys so much…Monday I start filming
my first full length PRANK movie…ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU
AGAIN!!!! Have a great weekend! 

Nitay A. says:

Someone will shoot you one day, or will stab you from obvious reasons. i
will suggest stopping before anyone will get hurt.

James Cage says:

i have a thought. What would happen if one of those people being pranked
was an undercover cop returning home and with the nature of the prank, just
took out his gun and shot the dude 15 times. I almost became a cop and
many of them carry their guns even when there not supposed too. I would
have shot him without even warning based on what i saw. I suppose you
would get more views and attention if that scenario ever plays out one of
these days. good luck!

Trap Nation says:

It gets to the point where these aren’t even pranks anymore.

Rippinkitten18 says:

dangerous video. All it takes is to pull this prank on someone who has
gun, and now you have a dead actor on the floor. No joke.

Daróczi András says:

I would have shot that motherfucker on spot as I always carry my gun with
me.Would have that been funny to you?

TPAW - Games Channel says:

Красавчик, Витос)) Кто русский, ставьте +

Mani Ram Rai says:

Arrest those prankers !! This is the limit, who will take responsibity if
anything bad happens to the victims

loopy1980 says:

I actually used to think you were kind of funny, but this shit goes too
far. It isn’t funny when you can cause psychological damage to someone, and
if someone is already a nervous wreck with anxiety or stress. What If they
had a heart condition? You are a fucking idiot and I think if you receive
legal ramifications from this then you deserve every bit of it.

Matty Cakes says:

I carry a gun everyday concealed! If u came to me with a chainsaw pranking
me you would have gotten shot! Now who’s getting pranked now! Reality
starts to hit! 

BoxxyFan says:

This video just sums up everything that is wrong with this world. There are
people in countries that are dying from war, famine and disease and in need
of help. And here in this first world country of America we have Vitaly who
wastes time and money pranking people aka terrorizing and traumatizing
innocent people… just for laughs and entertainment. You have way too much
money and too much time for your own good. Do something valuable and
meaningful with your resources and ultimately your life. Not only is it bad
you are not contributing to the betterment of mankind, but you are actually
terrorizing innocent people and making the world a more sick and horrible
place to live in. You are a disgrace of a human being and you are
everything that is wrong with today’s society.

Insanegaz says:

That was nuts.

Barbiegirl Ciara says:

I wish pewdiepie would rip my pussy up like that. 

Chichiwu says:

I love pranks but please, you’re taking this too far. As everyone said, you
could have been shot, but it’s also about the random persons being pranked.
What we see in this video seems real, so what if someone can’t stand seeing
this kind of things ? You can prank, but this is too “gory”. There are
sensitive persons out there so, when creating your pranks, be aware of
If you do next time, people won’t have to say explain it to you so many
times in the comments.
It was a good prank, but too realistic for some people. 

Jen Mar says:

this was waay to far
when sam pepper pinches a girls butt the whole world turns against him
(i know he’s done a ton of other shit and he is an asshole and i hate him
but just saying)
and when vitaly scares the absolute crap out of people, not caring about
health conditions that a person could have, he could have KILLED someone
and someone could have KILLED him, he gets 28 million views in 2 days (soo
much money) tons of new subsribers and 246,000 likes! (i cant believe
people are supporting this kind of behavior)
(if a guy had a heart attack or died what would happen? vitaly would go to
court and be like “oh but it was just a prank” this isn’t a prank anymore
this is just fucking rude, inconsiderate, and reckless
seriously not fucking funny

Long Ly says:

Đầu tiên là sợ muốn chết!!! Sau đó là cười muốn chết!!!

Sight dude112 says:

You could have been shot or rund over!You gotta be careful

Melih Güçlü says:

Man that is sick.Best one ever ! 

iamkarenh says:

This video is disgusting. I don’t find this numerous at all. 

Iconocla5t says:

One day this goes fucking wrong. If i would see someone like that i would
shoot or run him over. And for all the douchebags here. Shooting someone
who is running towards you with a fucking chainsaw is not murder.

Edmundo Vehra says:

xD +Misery Wu +Israel Arcos +Shealtiel Blanco +Gerardo Arcos +Erika Escobar

Gary James says:

Chainsaw Massacre Prank!: please please watch 

Galina Lo says:

Ржака до усачки :))

Rafael Victoria says:

Are you kidding me!? 1:14 I would run a person who is doing that, I may be
crazy but survivial is all I am thinking about lol.

BandMProductions says:

Pulling these in a country like the states isnt that smart. If even just
one person is carrying a gun you could be killed.

Carlos P says:

+UnderGround Knox you got to watch this one.

kawaii says:

I don’t think he *saw* that one coming….

Danger man says:

Esta es la mejor broma de todos tos tiempos.

Nelson Brie says:

1 out 10 pussies can‘t take a joke“`what is happening in the PC US these

Vladi4ek007 says:

Куда они спрятали конечности “жертвы” или он инвалид? 

ملكة الهدوء says:

شتكولون على هذه الصورة في قتل الناس الأبرياء

benjibozz says:

Like We say in France “truc de fou !”, sheer madness lol

Javier Rosa says:

Made my day! I couldn’t stop laughing!

Vanilla LP says:

0:28, how they faked the Legs?

Haskoud D says:

WOW that’s insane :D

VideosVideosVideos says:

as everyone else is saying, you will get shot at some point

there are a lot of states where shooting you would be completely legal

good luck with that

Leo theLion says:

This one is a bad ass prank, too bad it was so limited. They should do more
of this.

soufyan el says:

Do these people even get informed about what really happend or are they
left with a trauma for the rest of their lives…

Frosty Heaven says:

That was intense

Carlos Moreno says:

This prank was epic lmao

James The Domestic Foreigner says:

I’m also american and I also carryy a gun with me wherever i go and will
definitely have the balls to pull the trigger because i can talk shit
online. Shut the fuck up seriously. You pussies are not doing anything with
your life that’s why you are here. You’ll most likely pee your pussy pants
before you draw that fucking phallic pistol of yours that you claim to

Chad Jason says:

Ever thought about what will happen when you prank someone with a concealed
carry permit? They will protect themselves and shoot you like the serial
killer they think you are.

Leo Mercado says:

The leggless guy was a rly good prop but i could imagine a thousand ways it
could have been used to get better reactions and make it look legit

Luyoka says:

Oh those poor people D’: I would have probably got a heart attack or
faint.Just imagining myself in this situation makes me crazy! ;-;

Adel Alqadi says:

Gonna be honest. I liked the previous chainsaw prank, but this was too

mckdink says:

That drop of blood that coicindentally ran down the camera lense at the end
was a perfect touch lol

irfan rais says:

Wtf man…. Looks so real… I will be so panicked if i in their
situations…. * is there grammar errors from my sentence there? Im just
beginning to learning english..

godsman4eels says:

I would quit while your ahead my friend. There’s just something’s or people
that you shouldn’t try!..

Laceymediclady82 says:

I’d have had a heart attack

jessielove7979 says:

OMG that looks so frieken real I’m eating while watching this and I almost

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