Child Pregnancy Prank on Parents – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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Child Pregnancy Prank on Parents – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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CallMeJonesy says:

Coolest fucking dad on the planet. 

Ryan Yustaharja says:

I’m crying right now, really perfect dad !!

Sam says:

I wish I had a dad. :l

Miro aj says:

a few years later remember that prank uhh.. 

Zelosos- ify says:

Do we kill It LMFAOOO 

T.O.J Nate says:

Pops took the news like a bawse! 

Chick Mine says:

I actualy want the kid…
Mom : Wait what?!
Dad : theese hoes ain’t loyal.

Solar DZL says:

casual aussie father

Nataliah Henry says:

His parents ok…. my parents I rather be in jail then then see what they

Dorian McCloud says:

That’s like the best dad in the world.

lauren ralph says:

The look on his father’s face when he found out it was a prank was so
priceless but if that were real his father was being super kool about the
situation if that were me my father prolly be really mad with me when I was
a teenager he’d prolly want 2 tear my eye balls out with a knife lol

Raj Dubey says:

That’s the best dad i’ve ever seen. Tons of love!!

Prank Zilla says:

Lol the reaction of him is like damn!

Ryan Yustaharja says:

Oh god, ur lucky dude, ur dad is so cool !!!

Sdchin says:

I wish I had a dad like this !

TheBostonPressureCookers says:

His dad is fucking awesome

apexxy says:

How could any human prank such a cool family? That kid is the worst turd in
the world.

megaelectric1 says:

He’s one chilled dad 

Danny Pham says:

To the amount of people who say they have their gf pregnant at 16:



Gymnast Gymnast says:
Dooality says:

You have a really understanding dad. 

Cherry109xo says:

This is so fake.. How old is he btw?

TheGeseiHD says:

Best parents ever OmG

Anne-Kathleen Graf says:

Great Dad!

muhammad Deme says:

Damn his parents are easy.this dude just said he got a girl pregnant and
his dad said it’s ok 

Saba Kidane says:


Queen Indie says:

Did he just say he got India pregnant? OMFG my name is India

Alyssa Sugg says:

Awwww :'( the dad was trying to be sweet and supportive and then he got
pranked aww sad :(

Njabs Dladla says:

Hahahahaha…His dad calls him “darling”…@01:36

Janie Bryant says:

Best dad ever

bigl4085 says:

Best parent ever!

Triplone DMC says:

Dat feel when you never had a dad like that.


Rikesh Patel says:

Holy fuck white people are soft

david garcia says:

He has the best father ever wow

joannafromeurope says:

this dad is AWSOME

ItsFrostii says:

How many kids are u planning to have in the future ?

Page Eccles says:

Awwww the Dad is lovely 🙂 xx

oli foley says:

Nicest dad ever lmao

RockinVideo says:

I’m 11 I must wait to have sex until im married virgin until 30 -25 ohhhhh 

Garth Watts says:

you suck

Robot404 says:

What is your favorite color? Mines Blue :D

Pinkflower Me says:

You have the best dad EVER

himynameisaziz says:


Sean Harvey says:

My parents would kill me…. until on dead

SoFloPranks says:

Child Pregnancy Prank on Parents – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best
Pranks 2014

K1ngBacca says:

Wow I wish that dad was my dad 

Joseph Davies says:

You dad was really nice . I dont have a mum or dad and the first thing i
thought of was that your dad was a very nice dad . He didn’t shout at you
anf tried to help you ..

Marshall McGlashan says:

What is the guy saying

Nick Hahm says:

That dad is really understanding lmao

Adrien Belacourt says:

this boy needs to get girls pregnant…hes gorgeous, share dem genes boi

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