Choking in Public (Social Experiment) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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Choking in Public (Social Experiment) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014


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Realist says:

I was starting to wonder how long it would take for someone to do heimlich
maneuver, like wtf if someone is seriously chocking, you dont pat their
back like a baby… wtf? If this guy was seriously chocking he would die
because 90% of these idiots dont know wtf their doing

Monkey D Luffy says:

If i saw someone choking, i would put my dick in his mouth and make him
feel better

Alice Tumblescribbleson says:

if you see someone choking you should first stick your thumb into their
asshole to make sure its not a prank.

EveryThingEditer says:

The woman at the beginning wanted to have hardcore sex with him

SunzzPlays says:

These people are way to soft lol i would of slipped his disc if i thought
he was choking!

David Bojilov says:

That made me happy to see that people were willing to save someones life.
But the question is would that happen everywhere!? 

Danish Khan says:

Uncle Ben giving strokes at 04.42 XD =D :D

Vince Gebhart says:

Funny as fuck but if this were real a lot of people do help.

Biggestmariofan10 says:

1. Not funny 2. Do not say it is a prank, soon they may see another person
like that and not save them just because of you…

chance beasley says:

first guy… oh your choking to death, lemme rub your back that’ll help XD

OLegendStudios says:

That’s so scary. If anyone is choking or appears to be chocking, please
take it seriously and try to help. Some of these people in this video is
amazing :)

Zillertalerwelthass says:

Wtf those people have no idea what to do in this situation. They stroke his
back, hit his back softly or do the heimlich grap(very dangerous). Strike
him with the flat of the hand as hard as you can!!! This is the ONLY thing
to do in this situation.

Chrismasterski says:

.-. Wow no one knows CPR

Noah Lee says:


Dev D says:

dont tell them its a prank just thank them and move on , its lot less
awkward that way …

Hannah 197 says:

Seems like this was a painful prank xD Alot of hitting on the back!! That
one lady slapped you in the face??? O.o

Hector Troy says:

id have kicked him right in the ribs as hard as i could to help open
passage ways, then id throw the coffee id be holding on his face to shock
his body into recovery

Raptor924 says:

Fix the sound problem please :/

100%Sucht says:

Take a nut or something in your mouth And Spit it out

Minex says:

She killing him!!! :O

Zodiark Stevens says:

I like at the end how ppl just walk by… no one bothers to ask if he is ok
and dude just walked off after giving him one squeeze lmao. Not even cab
fair home lol cheapo. Great vid though

Risen22D says:

Hey it’s tony jaa

kiwiqt Leonard says:


Yabeth Lagisso says:

3rd yeah ✌

Jake Risher says:

most people are nice! lol but this was kind of fucked up, scaring them like

Alex Klawinski says:

1:31. What is going on ?

mahamed ahmed says:


Johnny Gat says:

This makes no sense , ur testing peeps reactions and u laugh in there face,
I’d make u choke on something just for that, what if it’s a person with a
heart condition like svt and they go tachycardia on u bc ur stupid prank
major dislike, ur very immature how u go bout these social experiments
Just airing my opinion

Skaps nigga says:

1:35 why the fuck did the woman smack him lol

Camilo Trujillo says:

Haha I love the second reaction! 

MaDaRa PoMpA says:


Matt Niemiec says:

If you’re choking you’re supposed to usually stay standing straight with
your arms crossed and hands around your neck. If you’re choking you’re not
going to be able to cough or talk. So if I saw him he obviously just has
some food lodged in his throat, so I would get him water or something. But
if he was choking what you’re supposed to do is not pat him on the back
like an idiot, but do the heimlich. 

Daníel Andri Þorvaldsson says:

You should take this to the next level and have a peanut in your mouth or
some hard candy and when they help you spit the candy/peanut out and yeah
say thank you.

Linderson Johns THE WORSHIPPER says:

@least I learned how to help a choking person…

Carmen Mercado says:


Abby Alm says:

don’t say its prank asshole .. say its an experiment !!

alyssa valentine says:

The second one and third one tho hahhahaha

GingerCatMan08 says:

Women at 1 33 knows her shit

Ryan Connell says:

That woman that started pumping on your chest is a legend. go her!!

2badcsantos says:

Wow British people are legend!!

firecracker man says:
David Fröberg says:


Hybrid gaming says:

hey guys could you please sub to me and ill sub back

JizzleBubbles777 says:

That guy at 3:40 looks like the “sex predator” from the other video… Hmm 

Juan Allende says:

if you were really choking you wouldn’t be making any noise…

khalid channel says:

1:23 Looool that was hilarious and she was so sweet though

mrkoolguy 2424 says:

Why would anyone make a prank of people pretending to choke, choking is a
serious matter and I have chocked once and almost died. Don’t make a prank
out of it, at least put experiment

JohnJYnn says:

yeah cause patting him on the back actually helps…

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