Chucky Bus Stop Prank

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likelelaganenak says:

To all the participants in the channel of us have wanted to publish any
video sent to the channel and we’ll publish it for you
Thank you very much for our follow-up

Inobe 4ever says:

I died when he threw the bag…nd those dogs .. I can’t

likelelaganenak says:

thanks 4 all injoy with us and happy New Year to all 

Kimberly Munoz says:


deja rhodes says:

wow that’s funny and I would actually talk to him literally!!!!

Chris Ramírez says:

More Pranks Compilations! ;- )

Ian Huh says:

best prank ever

Marco Ornelas says:

If this guy tried to chase me he would have 10 bullets in his head before
he would even be able to look at me xD 

Lily Tran says:

Have any of the kids or anything get really scared and die

Shu Sakamaki says:

Run forest run xD

Ethan Jackson says:

Did she get her wallet back ;-:

Ben Schwenke says:

I feel bad but I can’t stop laughing

Charles Alton Sr says:

Chucky Bus Stop Prank:

whitwhit87 says:

Lord, this is HI-larious hahahaha

Ave Aphane says:

No video has been able to make me laugh like this…Again and Again… Well

Anyre Robinson says:

lol that one lady bit the dust hard! 

rockstar1751 says:

In most horror movies people fall and can’t get up but this woman wanted to

Adrian Herrera says:

Good thing this wasn’t in the US. He would’ve been shot right away.

J Baker says:


TeanoZ says:

What if someone ran into the road and got hit by a car?

Akya Burrell says:

Too funny

R C Nelson says:

I’m wiping tears away, this is so funny. Thanks for some gutbusting

KiwiSpyGirl says:

What i want to know is what are parents doing with their kids out in the
middle of the night… It is obv really late otherwise there would be more
people and its not like she is picking them up from sport or some club
otherwise they would have gear on them. I actually know no one who would
take their children on a bus at night casually.

kaylie morris says:

lol I loved the one were

the guys were thorwin the bags at him

Armando Balderas says:

How much did y’all pay those people to pretend to be scared and run? They
started running before they even saw what it was. FAKE

Ishmel Graves says:

lmao im dead ????????????

angelic lover says:

omg the 2 guys made me fall of my chair dying laughing

Lalo Perez says:

This is mother fucking awesome sceardecat s dicks

★KiηgDαякηєѕѕ666★ says:

LMFAO!!!! the dogs part. GODDMAN that’s great HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Almighty Quikk says:

One of the gay guys threw their bag at him lmao hhahahahahahaha

DragonFox84 says:

best one was the two gay guys and the dogs…..the one with the mother and
song with green shirt seemed like they were expecting that. in a way seems
a little fake, I know they scared but come on…they didn’t think that it
was set up? I get a little jump and backing away but this seemed a bit
iffy. still was funny to watch.

Dominic Cook says:

Can’t you tell he’s not real he looks nothing like chuky 

Wraithin Hades says:

What if the person has a heart problem and get a heart attack then died

kicking Videos says:

I wouldn’t run Chucky isn’t real 

DONTworryIgotTHIS says:

Why would you ever do this to anyone?

Obey God says:

The people who I went to school with would have sued for emotional

Raul Joseph says:

its 5:14 the woman fell xDDDDDDD

Christopher Rossi says:

These people were running pretty slow.

shiela lontiong says:

Lokong chucking yan haaaaaaa!

Michelle Demosthenes says:

I still scared 

Joshua Houchens says:

Omg all this is just a prank don’t be scared who agrees wirh me

Emem Inyang says:


cooljay 215 says:

omg i cant breath this is so funny

Anastasia Jones says:


shanalyn robles says:
Jrock Gaming says:


America Ferral says:


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