Cooking eggs on hot girls | Oil boy picking up girls public prank

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Saad Tariq says:


titwio says:

those booties …. now I have to watch porn.

Rambo says:

Dude did ever just get a boner by sitting on their ass?

Knicklyn says:

How much do you pay them to do this? When i ACCIDENTLY touch a girl, i get
slapped in the face.

Happy Turtle says:

now i’m starting to think you actually pay them to do this :)


Have u ever got full chub during any of these. Fully torqued ? 

Albanian Machine says:

how you not getting a bonner dude… the fuck lol

Patty Mayo says:
Hammod Xfaslah says:

Hahahha ur awesome keep up

Ap3x Hav0k says:

Are American girls this easy?

The B World says:

This is cool but… What ever happened to your girlfriend?

♥ Lightz // Kxwaii ♥ NEW NAME says:

1:16 dat assss

Greg Aihevba says:

Women I need your opinion like Wtf? how is he able to do this? lol

Enjeru Eduarudo says:

Did your gf killed you for this? O.O

lordarance says:

god damn man! i want the uber prank pleaseeeeee!!

HeSaidSheSaidMv says:

The young lady in the light green bottom has quite the bottom herself.

Ralph 1321 says:

Bruh ur killing it man…. MOREEEE PLSSSSS!!!!! 

Cabrio Driving In The Alps says:

Crazy stuff going on here. I bet he pays them to do it :)

cris1999cr says:

you look like lucas digne a french footballer

MrZatley says:

Great camera work :D

Sergey Kasimov says:

In America girls will do this stuff for money

Tyler Winston says:

Hot girls letting you crack eggs on them and basically go to third base in
public, I will pay you all of my money for lessons!

XMelonXGamerX says:

Crack it! (Looking excited)
Gir:.. How?

lpfix2007 says:

never gets old

Kiiroi Yuno says:

I like so much his friendly accent :)

mtmgawesh says:

do you pay for this ?

kyle yazbek says:

holy shit pat lol I cant believe I just found you on YouTube hahaha. idk if
you remember me but I was the kid that always came into stronghold when it
first opened up lol

Thomas Andersen says:

This series is actually fun to watch, cause your intentions are clean! Keep
it that way and Im sure the audience will grow!!:)

needyourwarm says:


CryogenicGamer says:

Funny how hes got his dick between their butt cheeks. perv LMFAO

yow says:

1:05, she wants the d and he wants the v

Benny Ben says:

BRO You Need 1M subs Dude, Your toooooo FUNNY mannn please do more uber
pranks they have me dying of laughter Lmaooo 

Caleb E. says:

What is the first ingredient that goes in baking cookies? Girl: a bowl 

Junaid B says:

How come you don’t get a boner? Probably you might have some STD issues.

Juan Miguel Sepulveda says:

Dude, you’re so smooth. I have to learn from this

WaynexKun says:

Clearly he’s reached super saiyan 4 with ease.

Jorge Garcia says:

Yo man I love your videos! I live by HB I would love to watch you do a

Gustavo Gonzalez says:

0:24 dat ass!

Ana Geirinhas says:

I Will share your channel here in Portugal 🙂 

Tristan Hall says:

i couldn’t stop laughing great video!!

XowntXihqX says:

and that is why ladies, you should squat. that booty is fking gorgeous

Vasto-Di Espada says:

please make me femous i mean tell people subscribe me…oil boy

TheSkylerStyles says:

Patty mayo gets zee bitches

Oskar Ek says:

Love you man keep it up, they like that confidens:P

A. Martinis says:

Kylee n Loren ♥.

Adrian Murillo says:

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!!!

Rodrigo Montalvo says:

You’re the man!

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